Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts

corporate business giftGiving corporate business gifts is a great way to increase morale among clients, vendors, business partners, and employees. In addition to making the recipients feel appreciated, corporate gifts often function as easy advertisements for the company. Finding the right gift to give can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many options available from which to choose. Many companies give hats, t-shirts, and polos with their logo embroidered or screen printed on them as gifts for casual occasions. These often give employees a sense of unity, and everyone loves a free t-shirt. Some companies include fun slogans and sayings in the designs to encourage people to wear the shirts. T-shirts, hats, and polos are best for company picnics and team-building activities. For more formal occasions, office supplies are always a great choice. Fountain pens, clocks, and paperweights can all be engraved with names, logos, and encouraging statements. In addition to being nice to look at, office supplies are sure to be used and appreciated by the recipients. While t-shirts and office supplies are all great corporate business gifts, it is said that the quickest way to a client's heart is through their stomach. Corporate cookie gift boxes and cookie gift baskets are always a popular choice. Cookies are especially popular in the United States, being consumed in 92.5% of American households. This translates to 300 cookies consumed per person, or 2 billion total consumed annually in the United States alone. In 2013, the ever-popular chocolate chip cookie celebrated its 75th birthday, making it an obvious choice for gourmet cookie baskets. When ordering corporate business gifts, it is important to consider the occasion. Fancy office supplies are great for holidays, retirements, and significant business anniversaries, while apparel is more appropriate for summer activities and holidays. Cookie gift baskets are always appropriate, and are well-received by most clients, employees, and vendors. If you are still unsure of what to order, ask friends and relatives what they would most appreciate from their employers.

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