Celebrate International Friendship Day By Giving a Pal a Cookie

cookie gift basketFriendship Day first started in 1930 and was established by Joyce Hall, the famed founder of the Hallmark card enterprise. The holiday was originally designed so friends could send cards to show their appreciation for once another. The holiday received a great deal of flack, as it was perceived as merely a gimmicky marketing tactic. By the 1940s, Friendship Day had all but ceased to exist on American soil. In 1988, however, the holiday made a revival when the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh the ambassador of friendship of the United Nations. To help celebrate, Kathy Lee Gifford and Disney corporations co-sponsored the event. While Friendship Day isn't necessarily a holiday on top of your calendar like Valentine's Day and Halloween, celebrating the true blue pals and loved ones in our lives is never a bad thing. On August 2nd, take time to celebrate and honor your closest friendships by reaching out to them and showing you care. And what better way to do so then by sending gourmet cookie gift baskets to represent your oh so sweet and undying devotion? While greeting cards are the original way to go with Friendship Day, nothing can beat stumbling upon a box of freshly baked cookies. Consumed in nearly 93% of all U.S. households, cookies are America's proverbial sweetheart. With nearly 2 billion consumed per year, this country has a long standing romance with this largely versatile treat, and many of our traditions largely revolve around cookies. Take the holiday season, for example. Since the 1930s, American children have been leaving cookies out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to provide him with sustenance for his long journey around the world. The beauty of ordering cookie gift basket is the plethora of cookie flavors available to you. For example, in an Adventurous Mix, the cookie gift basket is comprised of several cookie flavors, such as lemon bar, salted caramel, birthday cake, and pancakes and bacon. Talk about a million ways to become someone's flavorite pal! The friendships in our lives are worth cherishing and savoring. Letting someone know that you care and appreciate them may seem small, but it could mean the world to them.
Re-Imagining the Traditional Cookie