Cookie Spotlight: Guinness

Our Guinness cookie will bring you good luck!
Guinness is an Irish stout that originated in Dublin, Ireland in 1759. Brewed in over 50 countries, the “burnt” flavor derives from malted barley. Thick and creamy, this beer is the best-selling alcoholic drink in Ireland and one of the most successful beer brands in the world. 
In 1759, Arthur Guinness knew he had “The Recipe”, and signed a 9,000 year lease for an unused brewery. Ten years later, Guinness exported his first ale to Great Britain.
Inspired by the Irish Beer, our Chefs created a luscious Guinness brown sugar reduction and incorporated it into Cravory Original dough. We combined salted pretzels and semi-sweet chocolate chips for the perfect pairing. 
Sweet and Salty, this cookie will make you feel Irish and lucky for a day.

Guinness cookies


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