S’more Please!

S’more Please!

It’s almost time for… #nationalsmoresday! To celebrate, our cookie chefs are baking up some delicious S’more themed flavors to help us (and YOU) applaud #nationalsmoresday on August 10th! 

S’mores Bark

This is a cookie that has a loud bark of deliciousness that goes along with its extremely tasty bite! It is a vanilla dough cookie with our very own Cravory s’mores bark of melted white chocolate and perfectly oozing marshmallow, drizzled with chocolate and dusted with graham cracker crumbs. This cookie will have you tossing your ‘marshmallow on a stick’ to the side the second you lay your eyes on it!

All Chocolate S’mores

Are you that person that add an extra layer of chocolate bar to your s’more? Then THIS is the cookie for you. Made with chocolate graham cracker dough (yes, this is a real thing…amazing!), with chocolate marshmallow folded in, chocolate chips, AND milk chocolate chunks (we warned you chocolate lovers)- we’ve got you taken care of at the Cravory with always adding s’more chocolate!

PB&J S’mores

Peanut butter jelly time! Our bakers have taken s’mores to a new level of yum. This peanut butter and jelly dough is mixed with peanut butter chocolate chips, and swirled with decedent strawberry jelly that will make you wonder why you ever gave up the idea of PB&J after childhood. Topped with a marshmallow before baked, this s’more cookie recreates that unforgettable feeling of eating a PB&J at your favorite summer camp, next to your summer crush.

Is your mouth watering yet?
Visit us at the cookie shop in Point Loma on AUGUST 10th when these amazing limited time flavors are released, to help us celebrate national s’mores day!

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