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    Why the Cookie is America's Sweetheart

    Why the Cookie is America's Sweetheart

    On Friday, December 4, sweet-toothed citizens across the U.S. celebrated a little-known but much-loved national holiday: National Cookie Day. Although considered an "unofficial" national holiday, National Cookie Day was said to be found in 1987 by the Blue Chip Cookie Day. The day exists for cookie lovers to eat, dunk, and embrace the baked treat. And while it's a national holiday, it doesn't seem like Americans are skimping on the cookies any other day of the year. In fact, cookies are enjoyed in 90% of households, and if you did the math, each person in the U.S. consumes approximately 300 cookies each year -- or 2 billion as an annual national total. The word 'cookie' derives from the Dutch word 'keokje,' meaning little cake. And when desserts are smaller, it means you can have more than just one, and who doesn't love that? So considering these astronomically kooky cookie stats, this begs a larger question: why is America so obsessed with cookies? Whether it's gourmet cookies, homemade, chocolate chip cookies, or even gluten free cookies Americans can't seem to get enough. According to critically acclaimed food writer, Alice Medrich, there's lots to love about the handheld dessert treat -- particularly its versatility. Cookies come in such a wide array of flavors, textures, shapes, and sizes, that there's something out there for everyone. And despite their idiosyncrasies and perceived complexities, even the most trying of cookie recipes are relatively simple for the home baker. Medrich writes: "That means there is a cookie for every personality and predilection, every mood and motivation. If you crave something crunchy to dip into your coffee or wine — there’s a biscotti to satisfy you. If you want gooey, or seductive, oozing with chocolate or caramel — from pudding bars to brownies, your options are endless. Soft and cakey, chewy or flakey, spicy with ginger, or tangy with lemon: there are cookies for all of these cravings and countless more." Indeed, there is certainly a cookie recipe out there for everyone. And perhaps that's why America loves the cookie so much. In the land of the free, the land of choice, Americans get to choose their cookie and eat it too. It's really the best of both worlds.



    By: Rebates Zone Click Here for full article. Dear Readers Christmas is a time of joy and has been associated with gift giving. It is the ultimate time for giving gifts. How did this trend develop? Why has it been so successful? Is it a gimmick of the mega corporations duping us into purchasing more of their products, perhaps it is and it fills the greedy coffers of the big bellied barons. We will leave aside these wonderings and wanderings, and go back to a time much darker, sinister, and when things were not so colorful. There was this young boy who used to love books. But, as the story goes, his father got imprisoned, when he was just 12 years of age. He had to leave school, take up lodgings near the prison, and work in a blacking factory to support himself. Even when his father got released, he still had to support himself and indeed had a hard childhood. It so happens, that he grew up to become one of the most famous authors of all time. Although, he was very successful now, he still wanted to better the plight of poor children across his country and the world. It was then that he postponed his original idea of writing a political paper and decided to write a story. So, he wrote about a rich man who was very miserly and mean. This man was visited by the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. We all know the rest of the story. How it changed him to be better. And, dear readers, we believe that this popular tale may have played its part in the gift giving associated with this monumental and immense holiday. If you have been visited by these same ghosts, and have finally decided to confront them with some really useful gifts, then we are presenting you with our list of top gifts for Christmas.


    crav-advent-mix-12_1_lg Some people say that the holiday season is all about having fun and eating cookies with milk, especially if you are in the Santa trade. But why adventurous mix, you ask? Hmm. Well, the adventure part is in the type of cookies that you will be trying with this pack. It contains Birthday Cake, Lemon Bar, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Cream, Rosemary Balsamic, and pancakes & bacon. Depending on your opinion, if not delicious then it is definitely an adventurous mix.

    How to Plan a Holiday Cookie Swap Party

    How to Plan a Holiday Cookie Swap Party

    During the holiday season, cookies are not a thing to be taken lightly. In fact, if you peek into just about any kitchen, you'll likely find families busy at work, mixing, rolling, and baking the bite-sized treats for any and all holiday occasions. The history of Christmas cookies in America traces further back than the history of the country itself, to Medieval times in Europe. Since then, America has taken liberties on the tradition of Christmas cookies and has heavily involved them in a plethora of traditions. For example, since the 1930s, children in the U.S. and Canada have been leaving out cookies for Santa Claus as an evening snack for his long journey ahead. Another popular cookie tradition in the United States is the cookie swap party. Cookie swap parties are a wonderfully delicious excuse for family and friends to get together, exchange cookies and cookie recipes, and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Since cookies are consumed in approximately 92.5% of all households across the country, it's likely that a tin of delicious cookies in a range of cookie flavors will be welcome in any home. Here's how to plan your very own holiday cookie party:

    1. Set the Guest List When it comes to cookie swaps, the more the merrier! Invite between 10 and 20 friends who you think would be interested in making a sweet exchange. On each invite, ask each person to bring six dozen of their favorite cookies and to forward you their cookie recipe before the party.
    2. Pick a Day Cookie swaps should take place close enough to the holidays for them to be relevant, but far enough that people don't have to feel rushed and stressed preparing for the swap. Try to send invitations a few weeks prior to give guests ample time.
    3. Establish the Rules With your invitation, it's important to establish some rules. For example, cookies should be homemade, cookies should be made in certain quantities, and creativity is encouraged. After all, you don't want 10 chocolate chip cookie recipes!
    4. Serve Savory Treats To offset the sweet samplings that will inevitably ensure, provide hors-d'oeuvres and refreshments to make it a true party.
    Enjoy your cookie swap! And if you decide that you don't want to go through the trouble of a cookie swap to get an array of gourmet cookies, you could always opt for gourmet cookie delivery instead to sweeten the holiday season.

    Not-to-Miss Pumpkin Treats in San Diego

    Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean pumpkin goodies disappear. From now until the end of the year, bakeries and restaurants around San Diego are pumping out pumpkin treats with abandon to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth. If you're looking for donuts, French macarons, flan and more, you'll find it here. Read below for the best pumpkin treats to check out this season in San Diego.

    You Handy Guide to Gluten Free Cookies

    flour free cookiesDid you know that over 95% of households in the United States indulge in cookies on a regular basis and consume over two billion cookies annually? Given those statistics, it's safe to say that the portable, versatile treat is one of America's beloved dessert foods. And in every country you go to -- whether they're called biscottis in Italy, galletas in Spain, keks in Germany, or biscuits in England -- households embrace the dessert in the same manner. But for those with gluten allergies, finding a cookie flavor that won't make your insides turn can be a difficult task. Additionally, finding flour free cookies that taste as good as the real stuff can be hard too. Luckily, there are ways for celiacs and gluten intolerants to indulge in the sweet treat without risking any pain or ailment. For many, looking to gourmet cookie delivery companies is a great option, as they offer a plethora of delicious gluten free cookies in a number of flavors. But for those of us who are thrifty in the kitchen and like to create our own baked goodies, there are ways to create flour free cookies that satisfy the sweet tooth and leave the stomach free of pain and discomfort. Check out these gluten-free baking alternatives that any home cook can employ: Almond Flour Made from ground almonds, almond meal serves as an excellent substitute in baking recipes. Whether it's chocolate chip cookies or scones, almond flour delivers the perfect texture, plus an added nuttiness as a bonus. Rice Flour Made from ricemeal, rice flour is en excellent thickener, making it ideal for cakes, cookies, and the like. This flour is often used in combination with other gluten free flours to achieve the perfect texture. Chick Peas and Black Beans While these substitutes often come as a surprise, beans are protein packed and healthy alternative to flour. But proceed with caution! Make sure you drain and rinse your beans thoroughly before incorporating; otherwise, it may be difficult to mask the savory taste beans typically offer. So whether you're fixing up flour free cookies in your own kitchen or opting for gourmet online cookie delivery, what are you waiting for? Your stomach will thank you.