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    Take Your BBQ Up a Notch!

    Memorial Day. A day of remembrance, pride and support for our troops both old and new. It is a day for United States families to take a breath from work to enjoy and appreciate their families and friends. This day also tends to be the first BBQ of the season for people all over the country. Celebrating our troops, the upcoming summer and being surrounded by loved ones….what could be better?!

    While we can’t help you much when it comes to the barbecuing side of things, we can absolutely help when it comes to our specialty, DESSERT! If you’re looking to wow your guests, we promise you cannot go wrong with Cravory Cookies. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate the cookies into a BBQ:

    Duh! Cookie bars have been increasing in popularity and it’s no surprise why. From easy setup (all you need are fun plates and platters!) to a variety of flavors, your guests will surely go home full and happy. We usually recommend offering 3-6 different flavors to give your guests enough variety. Throwing in a savory cookie, like our Rosemary Balsamic Cookie, is a wonderful way to please your more adventurous friends and family or those who prefer something less sweet.
    When setting up your cookie bar, make to sure have a variety of plates and platters. Different sized plates add variety to the look and adding in height (cake stands, platters on risers) gives your cookie bar a professional and complete look. Adding a few succulents, flowers and American flags will pull the entire look together. Make sure you don’t forget the finishing touch of flavor signs! A fun way to display the cookie flavors is on small chalkboard easels...the best part? You can reuse them time and time again!
    Yep, it’s exactly like it sounds -- cookies, ice cream, happy bellies. This dessert idea is easier than you would imagine; all you need are cookies, ice cream and a cooler! Display your cookies on plates and platters (re: cookie bar) and have a cooler full of ice with a few ice cream options inside. Once the guests have their cookie selections, they will put a scoop of ice cream on one cookie, put the other cookie on top, squish the creation down and ta-da you have an ice cream sandwich! This is an easy way to add a fun and creative aspect to your backyard BBQ that will please adults and children alike!

    (photo: Hammond's Ice Cream)

    Happy Memorial Day from Cravory Cookies

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    An Ode to Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate chips. The tiny morsels of chocolate we all love to love! You find them in your pancakes, muffins, brownies and most of all, your cookies! It’s hard to imagine a time without chocolate chips cookies, but surprisingly enough, it wasn’t too long ago this delicious creation didn’t exist.

    Legend tells us Ruth Wakefield, the owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, was preparing a batch of her favorite cookies, Butter Drop Do, for her arriving inn guests and discovered she was out of baker’s chocolate. Not wanting to waste the cookie dough she had already mixed together, Ruth chopped up pieces of a Nestle chocolate bar and added the chocolate to her dough. When she pulled the cookies out of the oven, much to her surprise, the chocolate had not melted like her baker’s chocolate, it simply softened in the oven and continued to hold it’s shape. After the first bite, she knew she was on to something. Ruth named these creations “Toll House Crunch Cookies,” and they’re popularity quickly rose around the nation.

    The rising popularity of Ruth’s cookies simultaneously increased the popularity of the Nestle chocolate bars. Nestle caught wind of Ruth’s delectable creation and with the most enviable deal in history, Ruth joined forces with the chocolate powerhouse: Nestle printed the Toll House Cookie recipe on all of it’s packaging and in return, Ruth was given a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate. Yes, please.

    Nestle began selling their chocolate bars with a chopping tool included, to encourage their customers to make this popular dessert. In 1941, for the first time ever, they began selling chocolate in the form of morsels (chips) and they never looked back. Nowadays you can find chocolate chips just about anywhere and not only in the original semi-sweet variety. These sweet chips are now available in milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter and many more flavors!

    Thank you Ruth and thank you chocolate chips for giving us the classic, delicious and timeless cookie we all love so much!