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    The Newest (and Yummiest!) Wedding Trend

    Wedding cakes have been a tradition for centuries, and while some people say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” here at Cravory Cookies, we say it’s time to switch things up!

    In recent years, specialty desserts have become increasingly popular at weddings. What has inspired this gain in popularity? Specialty desserts offer variety for your guests, beautiful and creative displays, the ability to showcase your favorite local bakeries and best of all, a way to make your wedding truly standout!

    Milk & Cookie Bar

    Cravory Cookies offers at least 18 different cookie flavors every single month. With 12 Signature Flavors available year round, we also introduce 6 brand new seasonal flavors ever single month. This variety in flavors allows your wedding dessert to appeal to the entirety of your guests. Does Aunt Betty love savory? Our Rosemary Balsamic cookie is right up her alley. Is Grandpa Joe a chocoholic? Make sure he gets a Chocolate Truffle cookie before they run out! At Cravory Cookies you are not limited to a certain number of flavors -- it is completely up to you how you want to divide up your cookie order!

    Wedding Cookie Bar

    (Photo curtesy of Horton Plaza Park)

    If you really want to surprise your guests, a milk & cookie bar has an instant wow-factor. We are partial to milk filled shot glasses - it will be the easiest shot you’ve ever taken and is also the perfect amount of milk to compliment the deliciousness of a cookie!

    If a beautiful cake has long been in your wedding vision, cookies are still a wonderful addition to your big day! They make perfect thank you favors, welcome bag inserts and we have even seen them used as a way to ask your favorite ladies to be bridesmaids! Our new favorite use? Place cards! Use a custom sticker on a wrapped cookie as a way to tell your guests where they are sitting during their reception. Delicious and unique!

    Place Setting Cookie

    Cookie Wedding Favor

    Interested in cookies at your weddings? Email andrea@thecravory.com to get started today!

    Cookie Spotlight: Guinness PB Toffee

    March means warmer days, springtime and best of all St. Patrick’s Day. To commemorate our favorite holiday, our chefs created the Guinness PB Toffee cookie, which is full of delicious and exciting flavors. To create our Guinness dough, pints of Guinness are reduced over heat to concentrate the smoky and malty flavor Ireland’s favorite beverage is best known for. As ingredients are mixed into the Guinness reduction, the dough comes to life with that Guinness flavor and a hint of sweetness. It wouldn’t be a delicious Cravory Cookie without the perfect mix ins; hand chopped Butterfinger pieces, chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter chips give our Guinness cookie dough the perfect amount of crunch, as well as enough peanut buttery flavor that would have Bart Simpson begging for another! 

    Our one of a kind homemade bacon caramel toffee is the perfect topping for this exciting cookie. To begin making the toffee, bacon is crisped in the oven until it gains the perfect amount of crunch and flavor. The next step is melting our Cravory buttery caramel over the crisp bacon and letting it harden until a sweet and savory toffee has formed. The bacon caramel toffee is then hand chopped and large pieces are placed and secured onto the soft, oven baked cookie.

     Cravory Cookies’ Guinness PB Toffee cookie is perfect when you are looking for the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Whether you pair the cookie with a glass of milk or a Guinness stout, your tastebuds are sure to thank you! 

    Ready to experience this limited time cookie?

    The Guinness PB Toffee is also available in our San Diego stores

    Cravory Cookies Point Loma

    3960 W. Point Loma Blvd.
    San Diego, CA 92110

    Cravory Cookies Bressi Ranch

    2675 Gateway Road, #103
    Carlsbad, CA 92009

    From Farmers Markets to Storefronts

    On Wednesday, February 22nd our first Cravory Cookies storefront celebrated it’s 3rd birthday! We celebrated with $1 cookies, 30 different cookie flavors and best of all, our incredible San Diego community! At times, the line extended out the door and around the corner, which had us feeling extremely grateful. 

    It has been an incredible opportunity to watch Cravory Cookies grow from a college entrepreneurship project to a reality. Cravory Cookies began in the San Diego farmers markets, which allowed us to connect with our fan base, receive direct feedback and begin realizing a brick and mortar could be the next step in this cookie adventure.

    Celebrating year number 3 at our Point Loma store had us reminiscing on how excited we were when we saw this “For Lease” sign back in 2013 

    And how everything really felt as though it was coming together when we received this beautiful A 

    And now here we are 3 years later, celebrating our success by doubling last year’s birthday celebration in both turn out AND sales! 

    Thank you to our to our wonderfully loyal fan base -- you support us, critique us and most importantly inspire us to continue making our cookies better each and every day. 

    It has been an incredible three years, Point Loma. Here’s to many more! 

    Didn’t get a chance to celebrate with us in person? We ship cookies nationwide!  Satisfy your craving with a cookie subscription

    In town? Come visit us!

    Point Loma

    3960 W. Point Loma Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110


    2675 Gateway Road #103, Carlsbad, CA 92009

    S’more Please!

    S’more Please!

    It’s almost time for… #nationalsmoresday! To celebrate, our cookie chefs are baking up some delicious S’more themed flavors to help us (and YOU) applaud #nationalsmoresday on August 10th! 

    S’mores Bark

    This is a cookie that has a loud bark of deliciousness that goes along with its extremely tasty bite! It is a vanilla dough cookie with our very own Cravory s’mores bark of melted white chocolate and perfectly oozing marshmallow, drizzled with chocolate and dusted with graham cracker crumbs. This cookie will have you tossing your ‘marshmallow on a stick’ to the side the second you lay your eyes on it!

    All Chocolate S’mores

    Are you that person that add an extra layer of chocolate bar to your s’more? Then THIS is the cookie for you. Made with chocolate graham cracker dough (yes, this is a real thing…amazing!), with chocolate marshmallow folded in, chocolate chips, AND milk chocolate chunks (we warned you chocolate lovers)- we’ve got you taken care of at the Cravory with always adding s’more chocolate!

    PB&J S’mores

    Peanut butter jelly time! Our bakers have taken s’mores to a new level of yum. This peanut butter and jelly dough is mixed with peanut butter chocolate chips, and swirled with decedent strawberry jelly that will make you wonder why you ever gave up the idea of PB&J after childhood. Topped with a marshmallow before baked, this s’more cookie recreates that unforgettable feeling of eating a PB&J at your favorite summer camp, next to your summer crush.

    Is your mouth watering yet?
    Visit us at the cookie shop in Point Loma on AUGUST 10th when these amazing limited time flavors are released, to help us celebrate national s’mores day!

    5 Unusual Facts About Cookies

    Cookies are a dessert past time in America, with 95% of households indulging in them on a regular basis. And no matter where you are in the world, it's likely that the culture and country you're living in has cookie flavors that are beloved region-wide. After all, cookies have been around for centuries with different iterations and under different names. Cookes even earned their name from a Dutch term that means "little cake." Want to know more interesting facts about the cookie recipes you know and love? Read on to find out: America has a cookie obsession. While you may already know this, perhaps these statistics will shock you. Did you know that Americans consume over 200 billion cookies per year? When you break it down, that equals to 300 cookies for each person! And in an American's lifetime, they will eat 35,000 cookies -- half of which are chocolate chip cookies. Christmas traditions center around cookies Who knows Santa Claus' favorite food? Yes, the answer is cookies. Santa loves cookies so much, that estimates suggest that he eats 336,150,386 cookies on Christmas Eve! Cookies break records The biggest cookie would take thousands and thousands of people to eat. According to the Cookie Elf, the biggest cookie was made in 2003 by Immaculate Baking Company is Flat Rock, NC. It weighed over 40,000 pounds and was 102 feet wide! Regions in the United States have specialty cookies In 1989, New Mexico named the bizcochito their official cookie. This is a shortbread biscuit cookies with anise and topped with sugar. Massachusetts, on the other hand, adopted the chocolate chip cookie as its state cookie, due to the fact that it was invented in Massachusetts. Some cookies are downright strange The Unagi Pie is a specialty cookie in Japan where cookies are made with fresh butter, crushed eel bones, eel extract, and garlic. That's not an entirely conventional cookie! Do you know any interesting cookie facts? Let us know in the comments below!