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    Back 2 School

    Back 2 School

    Back to school can be bittersweet! What better way to make it sweeter than cookies? We have it down here at the Cravory! Bring a box of delicious treats to your teacher, your kids that are going off to college, or for yourself! You can ship them nationwide or grab them yourself at one of our 2 San Diego locations - Bressi Ranch Carlsbad and Point Loma.
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    A Tropical Event To Remember

    When Cravory Cookies originated 8 years ago, there was a simple idea in mind: create exciting, delicious and daring flavors for cookie fans all over the country. While we felt confident in the markets and divisions that had sprouted from our initial idea, a new division has truly blossomed in only the past 2 years: Cravory Cookies Weddings. As more and more couples decide to stray away from the traditional dessert of wedding cake, we have seen our wedding department grow from a wedding here and there, to weddings every single weekend!
    Not only are we able to work with wonderful wedding clients, we have also been able to experience and make connections within the wedding world. In late June, we were one of the lucky vendors able to showcase our cookies at the San Diego Style Weddings Mix. Mingle. Schmooze. event at Bali Hai in San Diego.
    Bali Hai, a polynesian restaurant located on Shelter Island has a breathtaking view of downtown San Diego, delicious food and a mai tai that will knock your socks off! It is a sought after venue for weddings and events of all kinds.
    We loved creating a cookie bar using our rentable plates, platters and cake stands on the exposed wood table that fit perfectly with the Hawaiian vibe to the event. The lush tropical flowers looked perfect next to the colorful June flavors displayed on the table. We chose mini cookies for this event, which tends to encourage guests to try more than just one flavor of cookie.
    SDSW hand selected vendors to wow the industry’s leading wedding pros; from mocktails in branded coconuts to true Italian gelato, our Sales Director, Collin, and Marketing Director, Andrea, loved being able to share our product while simultaneously experiencing others.
    Collin, the ultimate cookie monster, even created a delicious mini cookie sandwich using Churro ‘n Chocolate mini Cravory Cookies with Stracciatella gelato from Gelato Paradiso!
    We cannot thank San Diego Style Weddings enough for including us among these amazing vendors and allowing us to break even further into the wedding industry!
    If you would like to learn more about Cravory Cookies Weddings, please inquire here.
    A special thank you to Johanna at Studio Freyja for these wonderful photos!
    Event Vendors:

    Cookie Spotlight: Lemon Lavender

    Here at Cravory Cookies we have never been afraid to step out of the box and it was no different when it came to creating our May flavors. While we incorporated some classics, such as the M&M Snickerdoodle, we ramped up the flavor when it came to our Lemon Lavender. While it can be a risk using such a “love it or hate it” flavor, but if we know our Cravers well, we know the more flavor, the better!

    Lemon flavored cookies have been a fan favorite ever since the inception of Cravory Cookies. Our Lemon Bar is a bestseller and continues to wow customers time and time again, so we decided to take this flavor in a different direction. We created a new lemon dough, which gave the Lemon Lavender cookie a lighter lemon flavor than our signature Lemon Bar. The decision to add lavender was an easy one, as lavender has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The floral flavor of the lavender mixes perfectly with the citrus of the lemon dough.

    Once the lavender is mixed into the dough, it is time to add the homemade Cravory lemon truffles. These truffles are flavorful, sweet and give the right amount of citrus oomph to take this cookie to the next level. The finishing touch on this light and refreshing cooking is the lemon drizzle, which is not only pretty, but also the perfect amount of sweet glaze on top.

    If you are craving a cookie with a fresh and exciting flavor, make sure to grab some Lemon Lavender cookies before this flavor disappears on June 1st!

    Take Your BBQ Up a Notch!

    Memorial Day. A day of remembrance, pride and support for our troops both old and new. It is a day for United States families to take a breath from work to enjoy and appreciate their families and friends. This day also tends to be the first BBQ of the season for people all over the country. Celebrating our troops, the upcoming summer and being surrounded by loved ones….what could be better?!

    While we can’t help you much when it comes to the barbecuing side of things, we can absolutely help when it comes to our specialty, DESSERT! If you’re looking to wow your guests, we promise you cannot go wrong with Cravory Cookies. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate the cookies into a BBQ:

    Duh! Cookie bars have been increasing in popularity and it’s no surprise why. From easy setup (all you need are fun plates and platters!) to a variety of flavors, your guests will surely go home full and happy. We usually recommend offering 3-6 different flavors to give your guests enough variety. Throwing in a savory cookie, like our Rosemary Balsamic Cookie, is a wonderful way to please your more adventurous friends and family or those who prefer something less sweet.
    When setting up your cookie bar, make to sure have a variety of plates and platters. Different sized plates add variety to the look and adding in height (cake stands, platters on risers) gives your cookie bar a professional and complete look. Adding a few succulents, flowers and American flags will pull the entire look together. Make sure you don’t forget the finishing touch of flavor signs! A fun way to display the cookie flavors is on small chalkboard easels...the best part? You can reuse them time and time again!
    Yep, it’s exactly like it sounds -- cookies, ice cream, happy bellies. This dessert idea is easier than you would imagine; all you need are cookies, ice cream and a cooler! Display your cookies on plates and platters (re: cookie bar) and have a cooler full of ice with a few ice cream options inside. Once the guests have their cookie selections, they will put a scoop of ice cream on one cookie, put the other cookie on top, squish the creation down and ta-da you have an ice cream sandwich! This is an easy way to add a fun and creative aspect to your backyard BBQ that will please adults and children alike!

    (photo: Hammond's Ice Cream)

    Happy Memorial Day from Cravory Cookies

    Stop in one of our shops for smaller orders or contact andrea@thecravory.com for any bulk orders.
    Point Loma
    3960 W. Point Loma Blvd.,
    San Diego, CA 92110
    Bressi Ranch
    2675 Gateway Road
    Carlsbad, CA 92009

    The Life of a Cravory Cookie Taster

    Do you ever have that dream where you’re in a room surrounded by 40+ different flavors of delicious, sweet Cravory Cookies and encouraged to try every single one? Yeah, us too. And not only is it a recurring dream for us, it’s also a recurring reality! Over the past nine years, Cravory Cookies has created over 4,000 different cookie flavors and we continue to add to our recipe box every single month.

    The process of introducing 6 brand new cookies every month is an exciting task requiring time, creativity and a surplus of delicious ingredients. Our chefs lead the charge spending weeks preparing for each quarterly tasting. While brainstorming, they make sure to take into account any and all upcoming holidays, from Valentine's Day to National Peanut Butter Day. These holidays are great sources of flavor inspiration and a wonderful way to make the cookies of the month seamlessly fit into our Cravers’ lives.

    In additional to holidays, it’s even more important to use flavors that are in season! While a pumpkin themed cookie may fly off the shelf during October, it’s not exactly what people naturally crave in the middle of a 90 degree heat spell during July. Using the freshest ingredients is an important part of this process, which means knowing what fruits are in season, what people are naturally craving and how best to appeal to our fans!

    Once our chefs have created the flavors, they round up all of the necessary ingredients and spend days mixing doughs in preparation for the big tasting. Once every quarter, the entire Cravory team gathers in the kitchen to sample each and every new creation. At first glance it looks a tad overwhelming, 40 flavors? All in a row?! We move through the flavors together, discussing the consistency, flavor and whether or not we think our Cravers will approve. Once our bellies are on the verge of exploding and we can’t even look at another cookie (at least for a few hours!), we assign the new cookie flavors to specific months. After the cookies are organized into months, we choose the names, take an onslaught of photos and patiently wait until it’s time to debut them!

    It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!