The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What’s better than cookies arriving on your doorstep? Cookies arriving on your doorstep every. single. month. When you purchase a Cravory Cookies Subscription, that is exactly what happens! You instantly become part of the thousands of people who get to experience brand new exciting cookie flavors every month.

Cravory Cookies Subscriptions


One of the best parts of Cravory Cookies Subscriptions is that fact you will never receive the same cookie twice. Our chefs spend an incredible amount of time brainstorming ways to keep Cravory Cookies’ flavors new and exciting, and every couple of months, the Cravory Cookies’ staff gathers around 40 new cookie flavors to take part in the most epic cookie tasting ever!  Seasons, holidays and special Cravory celebrations are always taken into account when choosing the newest monthly flavors. From Chocolate y Vino for Valentine’s Day, Baileys Cream Cheese Brownie around St. Patrick’s Day or Peppermint Bark in December, thought and consideration is always part of the selection process. Sure, the staff may deal with an insane sugar crash about 2 hours later, but we do it all in the name of Cravory!


Cravory Cookies Tasting


Cravory Cookies Subscriptions has many membership options available to guarantee you are able to find the one that best fits your needs. If you want to experience the new flavors every month, but don’t want to feel forced to share, the half dozen is perfect for you! Maybe you have a large family or some very hungry coworkers (we know all about that) - opt for our one dozen or two dozen membership options.
We’re all about treating yourself here at Cravory Cookies, but giving sure is fun, too! Cravory Cookies Subscriptions makes the perfect gift - whether you are wishing someone a happy birthday or sending congratulations, a subscription to the Cookies of the Month Club is the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.
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