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    Bakery Rolls Out Comic-Con Themed Cookies

    cookie recipeThe Cravory A peek of the Comic-Con themed cookies The Cravory will roll out during San Diego Comic-Con on July 9-12.
    A San Diego-based gourmet cookie shop is really sweet on Comic-Con and has just rolled out some new treats inspired by the upcoming comic book and pop culture spectacular.
    On July 9 through July 12 – to coincide with San Diego Comic-Con International 2015 (SDCC) happening downtown – The Cravory bakery in Point Loma will offer a special menu of Comic-Con themed cookies.

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    • The whimsical new creations are based on popular shows, movies and characters, including “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars,” that fanboys and fangirls will appreciate.
      For instance, the “Dragon Glass” cookie inspired by “Game of Thrones” mixes lemon cake dough with vanilla chips and a vanilla shell. It’s topped with “dragon glass” made of sugar – a reference to the deadly weapon used to kill “White Walkers” in the hit show.

      Then there’s “The Beast,” a treat honoring the iconic X-Men character of the same name, which features blueberry muffin dough with dried blueberries, vanilla chips and shredded coconut.
      The “Beer Donut” is a tasty nod to the “The Simpsons”: a cookie made with beer dough (yes, you read that right), topped with a vanilla shell and sprinkles. Ay, caramba!
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    • Also on the Comic-Con cookie menu: “The Oath.” This treat is inspired by the superhero Green Lantern and combines oatmeal dough with pistachio truffles.
      The “Wonder Woman” cookie pays tribute to the fierce comic book heroine with strawberry dough, a vanilla shell and appropriately colorful star candy on top. Meanwhile, “The Flash” boasts coffee dough mixed with coffee chips for a cookie with a kick.

      Finally, the “Star Wars” themed “Two Sides of the Force” cookie features vanilla cake dough, dried strawberries, roasted almonds, chocolate chips and a vanilla shell topping.
      The Cravory said the cookies feature unexpected, wild flavor combinations that match the fun and excitement of Comic-Con.
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    • Limited quantities of each cookie will be available for $2 a pop during Comic-Con weekend. They can be purchased at the bakery at 3960 W. Point Loma Blvd.
      The gourmet cookie shop specializes in 11 signature flavors – including the Pancakes and Bacon treat and the Rosemary Balsamic cookie – plus six special flavors every month. A few weeks ago, The Cravory tested the creative cookie boundaries once more by offering a cookie made with craft beer for Father’s day dubbed “The IPA.” Last year, the bakery also offered some Comic-Con themed treats.

      The unique creations have garnered the shop a cult following among sweet-toothed San Diegans.
      The bakery’s Facebook page and Instagram account will include updates on the Comic-Con cookie lineup throughout the 4-day convention.

    The Surprising History of 3 of America's Most Beloved Cookie Recipes

    cookie recipeWith over 2 billion cookies consumed in America each year, the cookie can easily be considered one of America's most-loved treats. Perhaps one reason cookies are so well-loved is their versatility when it comes to cookie recipes and varieties. Many of our favorite cookie flavors have a long-standing and fascinating history. Check out the history behind 3 of America's favorite cookie flavors: Chocolate Chip Though they are one of the most beloved cookie flavors in the United States, chocolate chip cookies have only been in existence for 77 years. The first batch of chocolate chip cookies was created by Ruth Wakefield, innkeeper of the Tollhouse Inn Restaurant in 1930. Believe it or not, the chocolate chip cookie was conceived out of pure accident. When making cookies for her guests one evening, Ruth discovered that she was all out of baker's chocolate. Instead, she broke up Nestle's chocolate into pieces, and incorporated the chocolate pieces into her cookie dough. That day, a cookie legend was born. The chocolate chip cookie became so popular that Nestle chocolate prices began to spike. In turn, Ruth Wakefield and her husband struck a deal with Nestle: if they printed the cookie recipe on their packaging, Nestle would provide the bakers with a lifetime supply of free chocolate. Talk about a sweet deal! Red Velvet The recent red velvet revival in food culture and food manufacturing has led to a myriad of sweet treats in the decadent and striking dessert. One of the popular manifestations of red-velvet has been adapted into decadently delicious gourmet cookie recipes. Originally, however, red velvet cake reigned supreme, and its origins aren't anything less than legendary. Many claims to origin across America have been made, but one of the most popular stories dates the first famous red velvet cake back to the 1950s in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. As the rumor goes, the hotel chef created the red velvet recipe and it was a wildly popular recipe among hotel guests and diners. A hotel guest loved the recipe so much that she requested the recipe from the chef. While he delivered it as asked, it came with a price--a $350 price tag to be exact. Infuriated, the woman sought revenge by copying the recipe and mailing it to hundreds of other individuals. This is only one of the explanations for the red velvet's mysterious origins. Many argue that there were traces of "velvet cake" recipes in the 19th century, when Victorian bakers put ingredients such as almond flour and cornstarch into their batter to make a lighter, more velvety textured cake. Others argue that the recipe originated in the South. Peanut Butter This chewy, nutty, melt-in-your-mouth confection was actually invented out of necessity. The first peanut cookie recipe was found in George Washington Carver's recipe book in 1900. As an agriculturist, he sought ways to educate others on the alternatives of flour, a crop that was being devastated at the time. Instead of peanut butter, however, Carver simply chopped up peanuts and threw them into the batter. The first official peanut butter cookie recipe appeared in 1902, in Mrs. Rorer's New Cookbook. In 1936, Pillsbury released a cookbook that adapted this recipe, introducing the first ever patterned peanut butter cookie recipe.

    Ditch the Wedding Cake and Have a Cookie Table At Your Reception

    popular wedding cookiesThe traditional wedding dessert fare: you've probably seen it before. It's easy to picture a white fondant tiered cake, covered delicately in lace and flowers, topped with an adorably tiny bride-groom pair. But if you ever find yourself at a wedding in Pittsburgh, the cake may be nonexistent. Instead, you might find a long table, stacked with every kind of cookie you can imagine. This seemingly strange wedding tradition is referred to as a 'cookie table'. Thought to originate from Italian and Eastern European roots, the bride's family and friends spend days before the wedding, baking dozens of different types of popular wedding cookies and beyond. On the special day, the cookie table takes place of the cake, and wedding guests line up to devour the popular wedding cookie spread; to-go containers are offered to guests so they can take home the extras. Some popular wedding cookies served at receptions are pecan tassies, heart-shaped cookies, lemon bars, and peanut butter surprises. Although Pennsylvania claims to have originated this strange cookie tradition in the U.S., this practice is also known in regions such as New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Virginia. The United States is no stranger to odd cookie traditions. Take Christmas cookie traditions. Since the 1930s children in the United States and Canada celebrate Christmas Eve by leaving cookies and milk on the table for Santa. But when planning a wedding, it may not be so strange to consider having a cookie table over the traditional wedding cake. Cookie tables are a great way to get your whole wedding party involved with the reception. Cookies are a treat consumed in 92% of households across America--chances are, everyone is likely to have at least one interesting cookie recipe up their sleeve. If you don't want to worry about the possible stress of having enough cookies, online cookie delivery is an option that will afford your cookie table a quality range of gourmet cookies, ideal for every occasion. What do you think about cookie tables? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts

    corporate business giftGiving corporate business gifts is a great way to increase morale among clients, vendors, business partners, and employees. In addition to making the recipients feel appreciated, corporate gifts often function as easy advertisements for the company. Finding the right gift to give can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many options available from which to choose. Many companies give hats, t-shirts, and polos with their logo embroidered or screen printed on them as gifts for casual occasions. These often give employees a sense of unity, and everyone loves a free t-shirt. Some companies include fun slogans and sayings in the designs to encourage people to wear the shirts. T-shirts, hats, and polos are best for company picnics and team-building activities. For more formal occasions, office supplies are always a great choice. Fountain pens, clocks, and paperweights can all be engraved with names, logos, and encouraging statements. In addition to being nice to look at, office supplies are sure to be used and appreciated by the recipients. While t-shirts and office supplies are all great corporate business gifts, it is said that the quickest way to a client's heart is through their stomach. Corporate cookie gift boxes and cookie gift baskets are always a popular choice. Cookies are especially popular in the United States, being consumed in 92.5% of American households. This translates to 300 cookies consumed per person, or 2 billion total consumed annually in the United States alone. In 2013, the ever-popular chocolate chip cookie celebrated its 75th birthday, making it an obvious choice for gourmet cookie baskets. When ordering corporate business gifts, it is important to consider the occasion. Fancy office supplies are great for holidays, retirements, and significant business anniversaries, while apparel is more appropriate for summer activities and holidays. Cookie gift baskets are always appropriate, and are well-received by most clients, employees, and vendors. If you are still unsure of what to order, ask friends and relatives what they would most appreciate from their employers.

    Spread Joy With Cookie Baskets This Tax Season

    cookie basket deliveryIt's difficult to believe that 2013 marked the 75th birthday of the chocolate chip cookie. Perhaps even more surprising, cookies lovers all around the world are still discovering new ways to enjoy the delicious treat. Take, for example, the cookie basket. Sending gourmet cookies as a gift is still a relatively new idea, and -- with any luck -- may overtake not so tasty (at least we can assume), non-edibles, like flowers. Here are a few excuses to brighten up someone's day with tempting cookie gift baskets: Say "Thank You" To Your Accountant Whether you go to the same accountant year after year or you carefully select one of the best tax preparation services, the truth remains: in more cases than not, putting together a tax return and getting the most out of your return isn't easy. Thank your accountant for all of his or her hard work with a well-timed cookie basket delivery. Cookies, a treat enjoyed by 95.2% of American households, are the perfect gift. They're thoughtful. Just about anyone will be happy to receive them, and they don't toe the line of getting a little overly friendly or too personal, like bouquets or chocolates can. St. Patrick's Day And Easter March 17 is St. Patrick's Day -- and Easter is just around the corner on April 5. Green beer is a staple for those of us lucky enough to have the day off, but a St. Patrick's Day themed cookie basket delivery is similarly enticing and work-friendly. Likewise, hard boiled eggs may be fun to decorate, but you can only eat so many. That's definitely not the case with Easter-themed (think pastel icing and egg, chick, and bunny shapes) cookies! Even better, bakeries today cater to all Americans, including those who are watching their waistline or those who have gluten allergies. Healthy gluten free cookies are also an option for holiday-themed baskets. Every year, Americans will eat more than 2 billion cookies. (That's 300 cookies per person.) Spread a little joy this tax season or this spring with "Thank You" cookie baskets or cookies decorated specifically for the occasion, like St. Patrick's Day or Easter Sunday.