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    Sweet Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    cookie gift basketsValentine's Day is fast approaching, and many people aren't quite sure what to get their significant other as a gift. The pressure is on to find something suitably romantic that won't come off as overbearing. In 2013, the chocolate chip cookie, created by innkeeper Ruth Wakefield, celebrated its 75th birthday. Over 2 billion cookies are consumed annually by Americans alone. That's 300 cookies per person! With such an impressive track record, the gift of cookies is sure to be appreciated. Cookie gift baskets are available for all occasions, in a variety of flavors and decoration options. Cookie delivery companies can bring gourmet cookie baskets right to your loved one's door. If you want to be the one to give the cookies to that special someone, you can have the cookie gift baskets delivered to your home or simply pick them up from the bakery. Online ordering makes cookie purchasing easy, with no tell-tale phone conversation for the recipient to overhear. If you aren't sure how gourmet cookies will be received, you can always make cookies at home. There is nothing quite as delicious as a homemade cookie, especially when it comes from someone you love. If you don't have any cookie recipes at home, look online! There are hundreds of cookie recipes available, from cinnamon-sugar coated snickerdoodles to jam thumbprint cookies. When making your cookies, be sure to use fresh ingredients, and watch the oven closely. If your cookies are coming out burnt, lower the oven temperature and leave them in longer. This will help them cook thoroughly without burning. Whether you order cookies online for delivery or make them from scratch, your significant other is sure to enjoy the tasty treat. You may think the best thing about giving cookies for Valentine's Day is getting to eat the delicious cookies, but that's not quite true. The best part of giving cookie gift baskets is all the opportunities to make puns like "You're so sweet."

    Gourmet Cookies: Gifts With Taste

    corporate cookiesCookies are a popular snack and dessert all over the world. Over 2 billion cookies are eaten by Americans alone, an average of 300 cookies per person! Cookies were originally made as small cakes to test oven temperature, and the modern Christmas cookie can be traced to recipes from Medieval Europe. Since the 1930s, Americans and Canadians have left cookies and milk for Santa every Christmas Eve, beginning a tradition of giving cookies as gifts. There are many different occasions and methods of giving cookies as gifts. Many people like to give gourmet cookie baskets. With a variety of cookie types and flavors, cookie gift baskets can be customized for people with allergies or food sensitivities. For example, baskets can even be filled with healthy gluten-free cookies for people with celiac disease. Corporate cookie gift boxes are a great way for companies to show their appreciation to clients and partners. Corporate cookies are often decorated with the company logo, and can be used in promotional events as well as for holiday gifts. Cookies have even been gifted as favors at wedding receptions. Cookie wedding favors are often iced to match the wedding decor, and make a great snack on the way home for guests who may have worked up an appetite on the dance floor. Because people tend to order personalized wedding or corporate cookies in large batches, they can be difficult to find at local bakeries. Fortunately, there are ways to special order cookies online for delivery. Cookie delivery companies make it possible to send cookies to weddings or corporate parties all over the country without sacrificing freshness. Gourmet cookies make a great gift for weddings, business associates, and Santa due to their enormous popularity. Cookies can be made from a variety of recipes, and are eaten in 95.2% of United States households. With so many different types of cookies and so many different cookie eaters, cookie basket delivery is almost the perfect gift.

    Make Your Big Day Extra Sweet With These Gourmet Wedding Cookies

    wedding cookiesAmerica loves its sweets, and cookies are by far one of the most popular desserts enjoyed across the country. Over 95% of U.S. households consume cookies, and as whole our country eats more than 2 billion cookies annually -- that's 300 cookies a person every year! While they are great for everyday snacking, cookies also make great treats at special events and are becoming a more popular feature at weddings. From personalized wedding cookies to cookie wedding favors, there are number of ways to make gourmet cookies a part of the big day. Some of the most popular wedding cookies served at wedding receptions these days are heart-shaped cookies, lemon bars, peanut butter surprises, and pecan tassies.

    1. Heart-shaped Cookies - Weddings are a day to celebrate love, and heart-shaped cookies are a great way to tie in the theme going throughout the reception. While they come in many flavors, one of the best (and simplest) recipes to use for these is a sugar cookie recipe. The cookies can be shaped with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and sprinkled with colored sugar or sprinkles to match the theme of the wedding.
    2. Lemon Bars - A slightly different approach to traditional wedding cookies, lemon bars are a rich yet refreshing treat that are quick to disappear from the table. With a light shortbread crust and creamy lemon custard filling, lemon bars are surprisingly easy to make but never disappoint.
    3. Peanut Butter Surprises - The only way to make peanut butter better is to combine it with chocolate. These small wedding cookies consist of a round peanut butter cookie with a piece of chocolate pressed into the top. The chocolate can vary from hershey's kisses to peanut butter cups, depending on the bride and groom's tastes.
    4. Pecan Tassies - These decadent little treats encompass all the delicious flavors of a pecan pie in a small tart-like cookie. They consist of a light, buttery crust and brown-sugar filling mixed with crunchy pecans. Any guests who love pecan pie are bound to enjoy this bite-size version of their favorite dessert.
    Although they make a great snack, cookies are also the perfect treat to leave for guests at a wedding reception. With so many different flavors available, there are endless possibilities for making the perfect cookie table for the big day.

    Always Thankful

    Recipes new and old, that’s Thanksgiving. A little tradition, your grandmother’s sweet potatoes, your mom’s stuffing and that perfect bowl of mashed potatoes. But to go with it, a brand-new homemade cranberry relish recipe, and a roasted squash recipe you found on the Food Network. If your Thanksgiving is a little bit old school mixed with a little new-school it’s not unlike most. Even the dessert table can get a bit of a refresh, with say, some Cravory cookies. Or what about using our Salted Caramel Creme signature cookie as the crust to an apple crisp. We'd love to hear your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and hope you get to spend the day with family and friends. And of course, great, good, delicious cookies.

    Different Cookie Decorating Tricks to Wow Your Guests This Holiday Season

    gourmet cookiesThe holiday season is right around the corner, and with the holidays comes the time for all of our favorite Christmas traditions. From decorating Christmas trees to wrapping gifts, these annual traditions help keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the holiday season. One of the oldest traditions in our culture is baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Since the 1930s, children across North America have left a tray of Christmas cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve, and the leftover cookies are great for snacking or dessert. Whether your goal is gourmet cookies or gluten free cookies, there is an abundance of different Christmas cookie recipes for this time of year, and a number of ways to decorate them. Cookies are typically classified by the way they are prepared, and one of the most traditional Christmas cookies are rolled from a dough and cut into various Christmas-themed shapes. These cut-out cookies are fun and easy to decorate. Below are some of the easiest and useful techniques you can use for decorating Christmas cookies with icing:

    1. Flooding - Flooding is a decorating technique used to neatly fill in the entire shape of the cookie, and it acts as a base for many other decorating techniques. First you need to fill a pastry bag with the icing or frosting you want to decorate the cookies with. Next, outline the shape of the cookie with a single line to hold the rest of the icing in. Now you can fill in the outline you've made. If there are any bubbles or bare patches, you can use a toothpick to even out the surface.

    2. Marbling - Marbling is a great way to turn a plain cookie into a unique, gourmet cookie. To do this you will need a flooded cookie that is still wet. Then take a pastry bag with a different colored icing and pipe little dots in a pattern on the surface of the flooded icing. Right after, take a toothpick and drag it over the dots to create a beautiful marbled design.

    3. Quilting - Quilting is another decorating technique that can make ordinary Christmas cookies look like gourmet cookies by adding texture to the design. To make a quilted pattern, use a pastry bag to outline alternating designs on the cookie. After it is outlined, flood the individual shapes and let the pattern dry. After it has dried, use either the same color or a different color icing to outline and flood the remaining design on the cookie. The place where the edges of the patterns meet will appear puffy, giving the cookie a unique quilted design.
    Whether you're making gourmet cookies for Christmas dessert, cookies to leave out for Santa or bundling up cookie gift baskets for corporate business gifts, decorating Christmas cookies is a fun holiday tradition to get you in the holiday spirit.