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    Nate Ransom, CEO

    Traveling is one of Nate’s greatest passions, beyond his family and cookies, of course. He has traveled to every continent in the world, except Antarctica; but with the inaccessibility and inclement weather who can blame him? Nate attended Boston University and graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Finance and Accounting. Nate had an entrepreneurial drive right out of college and envisioned himself starting an advertising firm focused on digital media. He gained advertising experience representing Yamaha Motor Corporation, out of Pennsylvania, where he maintained an advertising budget for the East coast.

    After working in advertising for a year, Nate realized his entrepreneurial ambitions were not being fulfilled. He was excited to hear his long-time friend, Adam, was interested in expanding his start up cookie company and Nate set out for California. With the young company’s talent and ambition, Nate foresees big things for The Cravory, and judges in the next 10 years the company will be nationwide, with stores in every major U.S. city.

    Collin Smith, Cookie Monster, VP Sales, Wholesale & Business Development

    Collin has always been passionate about sweets, so when his friends opened the Cravory in 2009, he knew he was destined to join the team. After graduating with degrees in Spanish and Business Management from the University of Arizona, he pursued a career with Wells Fargo. Collin managed teams for Home Preservation and retail banking while living in Tucson, Phoenix, and Colorado Springs. He joined the Cravory Team in 2015.

    Collin, his wife and their baby girl Rory (the first Cravory baby) are proud to call San Diego home.

    Talita Koppe, Ta, Executive Chef and Cookie Goddess

    Growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, Talita has had a passion for international cuisine since she was young. Her work ethic was instilled into her by her father and to this day you will not find anyone as committed to her craft as Talita, or “Ta” as she is known to all her family and friends.

    If you ever wonder “who thinks of these crazy cookie flavors?!” … you have no further to look than to Ta. With more than 20 years experience along with marketing and culinary arts degrees, Ta has innovated and developed the best cookie flavors and she is truly the Cravory’s competitive advantage. She creates 6 new flavors each month, runs our fulfillment team and manages our marketing strategy… all this PLUS she has a toddler with more energy than her husband!

    Jose Eduardo Sidi, Eddie, Executive Chef

    Married to Ta and born/raised in Brazil as well, Eddie learned how to cook and bake from a very young age. He has an encyclopedia of recipes in his head and can whip up anything from a delicious cookie/brownie to a seafood platter filled with the most delicious clams/scallops/shrimp/lobster you can image! The word passion does not even come close to Eddie’s dedication and fervor to his work and family.

    Eddie obtained degrees in International Business and Culinary Arts and he runs the kitchen, operations and supply chain for The Cravory. He continues to experiment and drive our company into the next decade with unique recipes and other products that will expand our horizon as a dessert company.