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    Adam Koven, Co-Founder

    Having the entrepreneurial drive in his genes, once he graduated college Adam had no question is his mind he was going to start his own company, however figuring out what type of business was the more difficult decision to make. Throughout college Adam enjoyed watching the Food Network, building his culinary skills and experimenting with different recipes. While watching the Food Network he became more and more aware of the fact that cookies remained traditional and uninspired. Intrigued by Ben and Jerry’s reinvention of ice cream flavors, Adam had the idea to start pushing the envelope with avant- garde cookie flavors. The experiment started out small by replacing plain-old chocolate chips with candy bar pieces, but after one bite Adam realized the endless number of flavor directions he could use to re-invent the cookie.

    Adam’s first memories of hanging out with Nate were during their days on their high school basketball team at St. Gregory College Prep. Adam attended University of Arizona across the country from Nate, but fortunately they were able to reconnect each summer in San Diego. On average Adam eats 6-10 cookies a week, but who’s counting? It’s a good thing that Adam enjoys working out, surfing, and scuba diving to account for the spoonfuls of cookie dough he sneaks here and there. When not hanging out in the kitchen sampling new cookies, Adam wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but the beach. He also enjoys getting out and trying the newest restaurants, enjoying experiencing different cultures through their cuisine.

    What Adam enjoys most about running a cookie company is the variability, excitement, and new challenges that each day brings. Like his co-founder, he too enjoys watching the enjoyment on customers’ faces after they take their first skeptical bite into an outlandish Cravory cookie. Adam envisions Cravory Cookies as the next big name in cookies, like Mrs. Fields or Otis Spunkmyere. Out with the old and in with the new. In the future Adam would like to have storefront locations in all of America’s major cities where customers can mix and match a box of a dozen cookies or even come in and create their very own flavors on the spot.

    Nate Ransom, Co-Founder

    Traveling is one of Nate’s greatest passions, beyond his family and cookies, of course. He has traveled to every continent in the world, except Antarctica; but with the inaccessibility and inclement weather who can blame him? Nate has had a competitive drive since a young age, and even duked it out with his future business partner, Adam Koven, on the middle school basketball court. Eventually Nate and Adam both attended St. Gregory Prep where they bonded over their freshman biology class and played ball together on their high school basketball team. Nate attended Boston University and graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Finance and Accounting. Nate had an entrepreneurial drive right out of college and envisioned himself starting an advertising firm focused on digital media. He gained advertising experience representing Yamaha Motor Corporation, out of Pennsylvania, where he maintained an advertising budget for the East coast.

    After working in advertising for a year, Nate realized his entrepreneurial ambitions were not being fulfilled. He was excited to hear his long-time friend, Adam, was interested in expanding his start up cookie company and Nate set out for California. With the young company’s talent and ambition, Nate foresees big things for The Cravory, and judges in the next 10 years the company will be nationwide, with stores in every major U.S. city.