10 Fun Facts About Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Piece Cookies
As far as baked goods go, chocolate chip cookies are a classic that few people can pass on. However, aside from being delicious, they also have quite a few interesting facts surrounding them that not that many know about. Ready to learn 10 fun facts about chocolate chip cookies?

So, you think you’re a cookie expert? If you’re a cookie lover, you may think you know everything there is to know about those doughy-balls of absolute goodness. But we’re willing to bet there are a few cookie facts you still need to learn. From nutritional facts about cookies to when the cookie was first made to fun facts about cookies like how many cookies the average American consumes per year, we’ve got you covered with the best of cookie trivia. 

Read on to learn these mind-blowing facts about chocolate chip cookies and more

All about the Cookie  

Let’s start with the basics: what even is a cookie? We describe it as a dessert or snack that’s baked in the oven. It’s typically made with a combination of four, egg, butter, and chocolate chips. Nuts are commonly added if you want to add extra crunch while vanilla, oats, caramel, dried fruits, peanut butter, and spices can be added for extra texture and flavor. The beauty about cookies is that you can take a combination of simple ingredients and turn them into something delicious. 

In some parts of the world, like the United Kingdom, a cookie is referred to as a biscuit. No matter what you decide to call it, it’s safe to say the taste of a cookie (or biscuit) is as delicious as ever. 

Munching on a cookie generally goes best with a glass of milk or a warm beverage like tea or coffee. While the warmth of milky drinks really brings out the chewy taste of the mixed ingredients, there’s perhaps no better duo than your classic milk and cookies. 

10 Chocolate Chip Cookies Facts

Ready to learn more about America’s favorite cookie? We’ve got the best chocolate chip cookies fun facts for you to chew over and enjoy. 

1. They were created by accident 

One of the most interesting facts about chocolate chip cookies is that they were created entirely by accident. The story of the chocolate cookie begins in Whitman, Massachusetts ini 1930 when an innkeeper named Ruth Graves Wakefield was in her kitchen baking. She decided to add 

broken semi-sweet Nestle® chocolate bar pieces into her cookie batter because she assumed the chocolate would melt away and she would have a chocolate cookie but instead, the chocolate chip cookie was born! As you can imagine, it was a scrumptious success.

2. Wakefield was given a lifetime supply of chocolate 

Can you imagine a lifetime supply of chocolate? It might sound too good to be true but that’s exactly what happened to Wakefield. After her cookies gained popularity and garnered worldwide fame, the sales of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate skyrocketed. Andrew Nestlé, the owner of Nestlé Chocolate Company and Ruth Wakefield made a deal. In exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate, Wakefield sold her recipe to Andrew. Nestlé Chocolate Company also agreed to put the original chocolate chip cookie recipe on every packet of cookies manufactured. That’s a tradition that remains true to this day. 

3. They weren’t always called chocolate chip cookies 

Before they were called chocolate chip cookies, these yummy treats were actually referred to as ‘Butterdrop Dough Cookies.’ Wakefield first published the recipe under this name in several newspapers in Boston and New England. In 1936, she also published a cookbook where she published the recipe for her delicious invention under the name ‘Chocolate Crunch Cookie’. 

4. They were a hit in World War 2

One of the most interesting chocolate chip cookies history facts is that World War II played a role in its popularity. Many home bakers decided to send batches of these beloved treats to soldiers overseas. These soldiers then exchanged these treats with fellow soldiers from other parts of the country. Pretty soon, hundreds of soldiers were requesting these iconic cookies! 

5. The world’s biggest chocolate chip cookie was heavy

If you’re looking for chocolate chip facts to impress your friends or fellow-cookie lovers, it might interest you to know that the world’s biggest chocolate chip cookie weighed over 40,000 pounds, measured 754 square meters (8,120 square feet), and had a diameter of 30.7 meters (101 feet). It was made by the ImmaculateBaking Company (USA) in Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA and took 8 months of planning to prepare. In fact, to bake it, the company had to build a special oven to accommodate the sheer size of it. Add this to your list of chocolate chip cookie history facts! 

6. The first chocolate chip cookies were small 

When they were first invented, chocolate chip cookies didn’t look the way we know them today. Rather, they were really quite small and sweet. Roughly the size of a quarter, they were designed to be eaten in one delicious bite.

7. They’re the official cookie of Massachusetts 

Because the chocolate chip cookie was born in Massachusetts, it makes sense that this beloved treat is the official cookie of the state. The legislature voted to honor the cookie in 1997 when a third grade class proposed the idea. It’s definitely an honour well-deserved and one of the chocolate chip cookies facts worthy of knowing. 

8. They’re America’s favorite cookie 

Soft, gooey, chewy and downright delicious, it’s no wonder the chocolate chip cookie reigns supreme in America. More than 53% of American adults prefer chocolate chip cookies over the next most popular kind: peanut butter. While peanut butter cookies are the preferred cookie for about 16% of the nation, about 15% of people like oatmeal cookies the best. It’s safe to say that chocolate chip cookies are simply the most favorite cookie in town!

9. Toll House made an appearance on Friends

Here’s one of our favorite fun facts about chocolate chip cookies: if you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, you may remember where Phoebe claims that she knows the secret recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. As it turns out after Monica attempts to bake several batches, it’s revealed that the recipe was, in fact, passed down from Phoebe’s French grandmother: “Nestlé Toulouse.”

10. They’re easy to make

The typical chocolate chip cookie recipe is made with flour, white sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, eggs, a dash of salt, butter or shortening, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. Rather than traditional milk chocolate chips, you can also use chips that are made with white chocolate, dark chocolate, or peanut butter. 

Fun Facts about Cookies

Without further ado, here are some interesting and fun facts about cookies that are sure to take your cookie knowledge to the next level. Even Cookie Monster is bound to be impressed! 

The cookie has been around a long time

Rumor has it that the first cookie was made in Persia in the 7th century AD – perhaps because this was one of the first places to grow sugarcane. They were undoubtedly a huge hit because by the 14th century, cookies were a well-known treat throughout Europe, beloved by street vendors and royalty alike. 

The word ‘cookie’ means little cake 

Ever wonder why we call cookies cookies? One of the best cookie facts is that the word ‘cookie’ actually comes from the Dutch word ‘koekje’ which means little cake. Dutch settlers then brought these tasty treats, as well as their adorable name, to American life. 

American eat a lot of cookies

How many cookies do you think Americans consume a year? According to statistics, the number is around 2 billion cookies! This breaks down to approximately 300 cookies per person. In a person’s lifetime, it’s estimated that they will consume around 35,000 cookies – so it’s safe to say, we’re big fans of cookies! 

National Cookie Day exists

The world loves cookies so much that there’s a whole day dedicated to it. And rightfully so! These chewy or crunchy baked goods have brought joy to billions of people since their creation. National Cookie Day is celebrated every December 4th – just in time of the holidays. If you ask us there’s no better way to celebrate than by enjoying as many of these delicious treats as you can. 

There are 8 main types of cookies

Ready to impress your friends with some cookie facts? There are 8 main types of cookies: drop cookies, fried cookies, molded cookies, no-bake cookies, bar cookies, refrigerator (ice box) cookies, rolled cookies and sandwich cookies.

Fortune cookies are an American invention 

If you’ve ever gone out for Chinese food, you probably received a Fortune cookie after your meal. Funnily enough, however, fortune cookies are an American phenomena and are believed to have originated from California. 

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