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From nutty Cravory Salted Caramel to more sophisticated Rosemary Balsamic cookies, we offer unique flavor mixes to satisfy each craving. Let your tastebuds rejoice with each of our individual favorites through our cookie delivery service.

Don't hesitate to grab a half dozen of each heavenly flavor. Believe us– there’s no better experience than having a cookie melt in your mouth. Each of our flavors will immediately become your favorite cookies.

Celebrating a special occasion and can't choose the best dessert? Here at The Cravory, we know everything about what a celebration should taste like. Even our Birthday Cake Cookies are better than the cake.

Get together with your nearest and dearest to share the fun, or keep them all for yourself – we’re not judging! If you're a fan of our treats, consider making your love for cookies a constant in your life with our cookie subscription service. You’ll never run out of your favorite flavors.