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I ordered some for my family. After trying them I ordered more for friends, and more family . About to order my 4th time . Yummy

Laurel M.

Verified Buyer

I got my fiancé a subscription for Christmas and we are both very impressed by the cravory! Customer service responded quickly to my questions and to adjust the shipping date. My fiancé said he loved the cookies, soft and delicious with interesting flavors!

Madison N.

Verified Buyer

These cookies are delicious I had them for the first time last year during the Christmas holidays and after that I was hooked

Santos S.

Verified Buyer

Besides fresh baked, these are the best chocolate chip cookies out there! We order for our office and everyone loves them! Appreciate the individual wrappings.

Donna L.

Verified Buyer

These cookies are soft and delicious. I just took a bite out of the red velvet one and it was wonderful. Definitely will be buying more in the future.

Dynasty H.

Verified Buyer

I have to give this company a huge thank you! I made a mistake and accidentally tried to ship an order to myself and needed the address changed. Someone went and dug in the FedEx truck and found my box and fixed it! That, my friends, is customer service! They also called to ensure the package got fixed. I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Mandy L.

Verified Buyer
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Always the perfect gift!

Regardless of the occasion, Cravory Cookies are always the best gift. I give them for promotions, new babies, birthdays, and holidays. Who doesn't love cookies as a surprise? Sometimes I give them 'just because.' They are an easy and affordable way to tell someone you care or are thinking of them.


the cookies are tasty, hilariously small compared to others for similar price range, expensive cost to cookie size, sweeter than I prefer, and looking at ingredients yikes (seed oils)! The taro cookies are nice but is a one time purchase for me.

Horrible … stale…. No flavor… took a week to receive.

Great gift - I send to my family members for special occasions and they are always a hit!!


I got these as a gift, and I wanted to love them but there was barely any dough, it was basically giant quarter sized chunks of vanilla chips. It felt like they use all the chips so they can use less dough. I ended up giving them away because I felt like I was eating a bar of these candy wafers that you melt into different shapes. The original dough isn't that great but what bit of the vanilla dough I got to taste, I enjoyed. I'm not sure if I'd give them another chance tbh

Lemon Bar Cookies
Megan Cosgrove
No taste

The cookie was soft and chewy, but I was very disappointed that it had virtually no lemon flavor, it tasted like a plain sugar cookie.

Corporate Gift

I was sent a box of cookies as a corporate gift. It arrived on a Friday afternoon. Perfect timing to celebrate the week with everyone in my office. Individually wrapped and easy to share with coworkers. They came in the cutest box and looked so delicious. And they were so delicious. Everyone raved. I had a lemon bar. So fresh and amazing. Great gift to send to customers or potential customers!

I did NOT get the One Dozen Cravory Leprechaun Cookies as ordered. INSTEAD, I received 4 Leprechaun Cookies, 4 Lemon Cookies AND 4 Cookies with a peanut butter flavor and white chocolate chip cookies which NO ONE Liked.
I am extremely disappointed, especially considering the price of the Cookies.

This was a gift but I have had these cookies and they are fabulous

Cookies were tasty but arrived later than scheduled which was a disappointment

February Mix Cookies

Very dry, unusual for the cravory.

Valentine's Day Box - Best Seller's Mix

Very dry. Unusual for The Cravory.

Never knew that red velvet cookies ever existed. Every time I eat one it reminds me of a red velvet cake. Did a good job of this I'm a huge fan of these cookies 10/10

My favorites.

February Mix Cookies

the rose one was eh the short bread was great the biscoff was rlly good too

February Mix Cookies


February Mix Cookies

Great Valentine’s Day gift!

Berry Nuts For You Cookies

Good cookies with big strawberry chunks! Yum!

Valentine's Day Box - Adventurous Mix


Ube Cookies

The Ube cookies are my favorite ones! I've ordered them multiple times and will continue to buy them. They're super soft and the powdered sugar adds a nice touch. The vanilla chips and and ube jam are delicious. I love the smooth texture and how easy it is to eat.

All the cookies I received are delicious‼️‼️I am not a fan of cherries, but the cherry cookie excellent. Great taste, nice size, interesting flavors, good quality.
These are a WINNER

February Mix Cookies

Would diffidently order from this company again. Great tasting cookies. Great gifts for family!
I’m glad I ordered from this company.


February Mix Cookies

Sooooo soooo good! The best cookies I’ve had in years!

Absolutely delicious and chewy! The flavors are amazing and we will def be buying these again and again!