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I ordered some for my family. After trying them I ordered more for friends, and more family . About to order my 4th time . Yummy

Laurel M.

Verified Buyer

I got my fiancé a subscription for Christmas and we are both very impressed by the cravory! Customer service responded quickly to my questions and to adjust the shipping date. My fiancé said he loved the cookies, soft and delicious with interesting flavors!

Madison N.

Verified Buyer

These cookies are delicious I had them for the first time last year during the Christmas holidays and after that I was hooked

Santos S.

Verified Buyer

Besides fresh baked, these are the best chocolate chip cookies out there! We order for our office and everyone loves them! Appreciate the individual wrappings.

Donna L.

Verified Buyer

These cookies are soft and delicious. I just took a bite out of the red velvet one and it was wonderful. Definitely will be buying more in the future.

Dynasty H.

Verified Buyer

I have to give this company a huge thank you! I made a mistake and accidentally tried to ship an order to myself and needed the address changed. Someone went and dug in the FedEx truck and found my box and fixed it! That, my friends, is customer service! They also called to ensure the package got fixed. I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Mandy L.

Verified Buyer
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Tastes like a cinnamon roll in a cookie!

Delicious! Almost perfect-needed more cream cheese glaze, lol!

I joined the Crave Club and this cookie is in the November mix.

No thank you.

…Mint is for toothpaste, not food.

I joined the Crave Club and this cookie is in the November mix.

Clove is overwhelming!

Do pumpkin and chocolate go together? I don’t know because all I can taste is clove! I don’t really taste anything but clove. Are there other spices in it? Cookie has a medicinal taste. My tongue was numb! Great texture, though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Just Ok.

I personally don’t care for packaged cereal/baked goods baked into fresh cookies, it detracts from the freshness of the cookie. Chocolate flavor is good. I don’t taste Pop Tarts. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I joined the Crave Club and this cookie is in the November mix.

Nicely balanced flavors!

This is a good cookie. Nicely balanced flavors. I like the texture of the oatmeal! The caramel bits were nice and chewy!

I joined the Crave Club and this cookie is in the November mix.

Happy mouth!

Nice bright flavors! Refreshing! Perfect balance of orange and cranberry. A perfect cookie! I’d order these again! Orange and cranberry are two of my favorite flavors together! I joined the Crave Club and this cookie is in the November mix. It’s my favorite November cookie!

Purple Cookies!!!

I’m obsessed with all things purple, so I had to try a purple cookie! Ube, I understand, is a Japanese yam. It tastes like a sugar cookie… but not quite! It’s buttery, omg, but not a butter cookie ! I cannot explain what Ube tastes like, but I love it! Absolutely heavenly! The gooey, chewy texture is perfect! (You guys really know how to bake a cookie!) It’s now my second favorite, your lemon bars are my favorite!

Sent as a gift and she loved it!!!

Amazing cookies. Fresh & delicious. I will order more!

Save your dough

Bought these for my daughter for her birthday. When. I came to visit her she had just gotten them. They were very dry and not very tasty. She felt horrible that she didn’t eat them becasue they didn’t taste good.

Love, love these cookies!! Warm them even better in the oven.. I have ordered several times! For family members. Love them soft. Usually I love chocolate chips semi- sweet or milk chocolate more. But the white chocolate are really good in these. Kids will love too!!

Pumpkin Graveyard Cookies

I didn't really taste 😕 a good pumpkin flavor. To me, It seems the oreo cookie topping took away the flavor of the cookie. I love pumpkin cookies!! Chocolate chips would of been better. Disappointed 😞 in them. I tried one when I first got them. I will wait a few days then get one out of the freezer and try again. I wanted to give for friends. But I don't think they will like them. Sorry. Maybe heating could be better.

October Mix Cookies
Sandra Archibald

I sent these to my kids and they loved them.

The best cookies ever! So glad I can order them online and delivered

PB Overload - 4 Cookies
Ron Scott
No a fan

I didn't like these I gave them away after trying half of one.

No a fan

I didn't like them 8 gave them away after eating half of one.


These were amazing I have absolutely no complaints about them


Clearly if I have to pick 4 of the same cookie I'm not really building my own box certain of the selection is already pre determined.

Gluten Free Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies
Yes and yes!

So glad I took a chance and ordered these cookies. They are the BEST GF chocolate chip cookies I've had over many years. They were delivered fresh, nicely boxed with each cookie wrapped separately. A few seconds in the microwave and they are warm, soft goodness. Equally good straight out the pack too. As I didn't want to eat the dozen all at once so reached out to find out how to store and was informed to freeze as packaged. The response was received promptly. Will definitely be ordering again.

Pumpkin Graveyard Cookies
Marjie Darling

WOWZA! My Sister bought me a 'sampler' box . THESE GRAVEYARD PUMPKIN cookies are fantastic. Just the right amount of spice, a lovely moist pumpkin dough with lovely chocolate chips and a dusting of chocolate. OH YUM... Best BEST BEST

October Mix Cookies
Micki Wiersma
Unique and fun

The October cookies were unique originals. Individually wrapped to keep them fresh. They were tasty and fun!

The best for chocolate chip cookie fans

These were delicious. Soft, tasty, with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips. A delightful treat.

Chocolate Truffle Cookies
Micki Wiersma
Absolutely scrumptious

These cookies were decadent. I love that they come individually wrapped for freshness. The taste? Superb!

Ube Cookies

moist, not too sweet, yummy

October Mix Cookies
Stacey S
Cravory Cookies

These cookies are soo delicious. They come in so many different and unique flavors. Please give these cookies a try, you'll be happy you did.