All our cookies are baked fresh and shipped out immediately. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for order processing until your cookies are shipped.

We offer the following shipping rates:

- Economy Ground Shipping (2-6 days): $6.95

- Standard Ground Shipping (1-5 days): $8.95

- Rush Shipping (1-3 days): $10.95

For expedited shipping, please email us at info@thecravory.com.

We come up with 6 brand new flavors every month. These 6 flavors are only available to order in that specific month. Flavors may occasionally reappear in our local farmer’s markets around San Diego.

Yes! We use USPS Priority Mail Services to ship to these addresses.

Our cookies vary in size because of the difference in dough or ingredients. They are 2.5-3” in diameter, 1.5” in height, and 2 ounces of deliciousness!

All of our cookies contain gluten, aside from our Gluten Free Chocolate Chip. However, we do not have a dedicated gluten-free facility.

The same applies to nuts, dairy, and soy. Cookies that might not have these allergens could still contain traces of nuts, dairy or soy. If you have a severe allergy to any of these, we recommend not consuming our cookies.

For more information, please email us at info@thecravory.com.

We’d love to have our cookies in your store! Please contact info@thecravory.com, and one of our sales representatives will be happy to help set up a wholesale account.

Yes, totally! Feel free to call our store at Point Loma during business hours at 619-795-9077 to place the order. We also offer curbside pickup. You may also email info@thecravory.com, and we can help there too. All cookies can be individually wrapped.

Yes! We cater to large events and corporate gifts. Please contact us at info@thecravory.com.

You may pay for your order with any of the following payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Money Order, personal or business checks. Checks can be made payable to The Cravory.

Your cookies are packaged moments after they come out of the oven to ensure freshness. Shortly after, they are nestled in a soft bed of crinkle paper to protect them during shipping. We include a flavor menu card to help identify the cookies. All of your cookies arrive in our customized Cravory boxes. We treat all orders as gifts, so there is no pricing or receipt information included.

Sending cookies as a gift?

We always consolidate the cookies into the fewest number of gifts boxes, but if you need them separated into separate gift boxes to hand out as gifts AND you are shipping to one location, please email us at info@thecravory.com. Due to shipping restraints, there may be an additional charge.

To deliver you the freshest cookies possible, we offer the following shipping methods:

- Economy Ground Shipping (2-6 days): $6.95

- Standard Ground Shipping (1-5 days): $8.95

- Rush Shipping (1-3 days): $10.95

For international shipping outside the US, additional shipping rates may apply. Please email us at info@thecravory.com.

Please note that we bake Monday through Friday, and orders placed after 1:00PM on Friday will be baked Monday.

Your subscription order will arrive on the same date each month. If you subscribed to a recurring box, your order will be regenerated on the same date every month, and you will be charged the same date every month. Should you choose to cancel, simply email us with your order number or Billing Name, and we would be happy to cancel and remove your information. If you subscribed to a prepaid box, your order will be regenerated on the same date every month and arrive on the same date every month. Please let us know if you have any questions about your order. You can email us at info@thecravory.com.

At The Cravory, we are committed to delivering your cookies with the greatest quality of freshness. Once a gift box leaves The Cravory, it is too late to make any adjustments to the delivery address due to the policies of our couriers. If an address is incorrect, the gift box will eventually be sent back to The Cravory. If you need to make changes to the delivery address once a gift box has been sent out, The Cravory will be more than happy to bake a fresh batch of cookies for your order and resend the gift box to the correct address. This ensures the freshness of the cookies. There is a fee for re-sending the order if the address initially provided was incorrect. Once we have received payment for the replacement gift box, we will ship your new order out to the amended address, and you will receive new tracking information. We strive to provide each customer with the freshest and most delicious cookies possible and will work with you to make sure they arrive to the correct location. Pricing for replacement shipments are as follows:

1/2 dozen: $8

1 dozen: $15

2 dozen: $25

Ultimate: $35

Our cookies are packaged within hours of coming out of the oven, and will always ship within 24 hours of baking. We take pride in creating only the freshest and highest quality cookies for our customers, and that is why each dough and cookie is created to order.

In the pursuit of creating the most delicious and decadent cookies, we have pledged to cut no corners. Therefore, we do not use any added preservatives of any kind in any of our recipes. You can expect your cookies to taste fresh-out-of-the-oven for up to three weeks if kept in their packaging and out of the sun. To extend the freshness, you can freeze your cookies. They can remain frozen in their heat-sealed packages for up to 2 months. Thaw at room temperature or use the defrost setting in the microwave, and they will taste as fresh as the day you froze it. We do not recommend refrigeration as it will dry out the cookies.

Variety and depth of flavor profiles are important to us at The Cravory, and we believe that our customers should try as many flavors as possible. Therefore, you have the Cookies of the Month varieties, 1 and 2 dozen options to choose your own flavors, Speciality Mixes in 1 and 2 dozen options, or enjoy the great selection of Ultimate Box. The variety of an ultimate box is offered for those adventurers looking for the ultimate cookie experience. We combine at least 12 different flavors from both our Signature Menu and the newest and most unique cookie creations of the month. The result is a variety box that will please and surprise any cookie lover’s taste buds.

This is an excellent treat for you or any cookie lover you know. Creating groundbreaking cookie flavors is what we do at The Cravory, and why not share them with the world? You will receive a 6 flavor cookie mix, containing the latest and most delicious creations of the month. You can choose to pay upfront or have the monthly balanced charged every month. 

We have 3 great options:

Teaser Box: 6 Cookies, 1 of each flavor One Dozen: 12 Cookies, 2 of each flavor Two Dozen: 24 Cookies, 12 Cookies of the Month, plus 12 Chef’s Choice cookies

We have taken every precaution to protect your billing information and any private information. We do not store any credit card information, and Authorize.net securely underwrites all transactions. If you are still unsure, we will gladly accept a Money Order or check for your purchase. Please email us at info@thecravory.com, and we will be happy to assist you with your mail order.

Our primary goal is to deliver you the ultimate cookie experience, and we 100% guarantee your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with any part of your Cravory order, PLEASE e-mail us directly at info@thecravory.com.

If you wish to see a full list of the ingredients for our cookies, please click here!

If you have any additional questions, please contact us by e-mail to info@thecravory.com, and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.