The At-Home Cravory Experience

Decorating with Take and Make Cookie Product

Ah, there’s nothing quite like freshly baked cookies. When they come out of the oven, all gooey and warm, life instantly gets a little sweeter. We know the feeling when you’re craving a batch of delicious treats and simply can’t wait a minute longer. 

That’s why we offer convenient Take and Make cookies. With these pre-packaged kits and mixes, enjoying freshly baked has never been easier! 

Read on to discover our favorite easy cookies to bake at home.

The Benefits of Baking at Home

In case you need some convincing, there are actually plenty of benefits of baking at home. To start with, you get to control the ingredients that will go into your baking and eventually into your body. Do you only want to consume free range eggs? Do you prefer to avoid preservatives? No problem. You have the power to decide.

In addition, baking can help with stress and make you feel relaxed. As you mix and measure, stir and decorate, you may feel a sense of calmness settle over you. There is certainly something therapeutic about the art of baking. 

Baking is also a nostalgic activity. Perhaps it brings back childhood memories of baking with a loved one or the smell brings you back to a special time in your life. Best of all, you get to enjoy the outcome of your hard work – and that’s something to be proud of!

Cravory Baking At Home

The Best Bake at Home Cookies 

Here are some of our favorite Take and Make pre-packaged kits and mixes that you can make on your own or with a loved one. Happy baking! 

Ultimate Chocolate Chip: Chocolate chip cookies are classic for a reason–  they’re hard not to like! With this bake your own Cravory kit, you can enjoy our Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie whenever your tastebuds desire. Enjoy up to 14 of our 2oz decadent cookies. All you need to add are eggs and butter – easy peasy!

Birthday Cookie: Nothing beats a homemade cookie on your birthday! Your tastebuds will be in heaven with this easy-to-bake treat. This Birthday Cake Cookie Mix makes up to 14 x 2oz delicious cookies– and since it’s your birthday, there’s no obligation to share with anyone else! Our bake your own birthday cookie kit also makes an excellent gift for the cookie lover in your life. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and Skillet: Are you ready for a cookie party? With this cookie skillet mix, you can be! Enjoy the ultimate cookie experience as you serve up delicious treats for your guests. This cookie combo includes 1 Cookie Mix of either Birthday Cookie or Ultimate Chocolate Chip and 1 Cast Iron Skillet. 

Variety Pack: Can’t decide which flavor you prefer? No problem! Our variety pack features both our Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Cookie Mixes. Enjoy the best of both worlds as your taste buds indulge in these easy cookies to bake at home. Each cookie mix makes up to 14 2oz delicious cookies. If you’re worried your cookies will go stale before you get a chance to eat them all, we know a few tricks to keep your cookies fresh for longer. 

Decorating Cookie Kit: If you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you’ll love this decorating cookie kit. Complete with vanilla and chocolate frosting, plus 3 kinds of sprinkles, there’s so much fun to be had as you get creative in your decorating. With the option to choose between 12 pre-baked sugar cookies and a cookie mix, there’s truly something for everyone. A great activity for the whole family!

Get in Touch 

We hope that you enjoy your at-home Cravory experience and all the yummy treats you get to eat as a result of your hard work. But you know what? If baking just isn’t your thing, that’s okay too. We love baking and would be more than happy to help you get your sweet tooth fix. Simply sign up for our cookie subscription and you’ll get a box of perfect cookies delivered to your doorstep every month – no measuring, mixing, or timing involved! 

If you have any questions, our friendly staff would be happy to share their favorite flavors or address any of your concerns. Contact us here

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