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    The Cravory - The Ultimate Cookie Experience!

    Cookie Spotlight: Pumpkin S'Mores

    November is here and The Cravory is busy preparing for the holiday season! We love to create cookies that make us feel nostalgic—and in this season, that means gathering with family around the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and eating all things PUMPKIN! 
    Our Pumpkin S'Mores Cookie is the perfect combination of everyone’s favorite fall flavor and the quintessential fireside treat. Rich pumpkin dough is laced with dark chocolate chunks, graham crackers and marshmallows, making for the perfect flavor combination. Topped with a dark chocolate drizzle, this seasonal cookie satisfies the sweet tooth and brings on the holiday nostalgia. 
    Make sure to start your holiday season with our Pumpkin S'Mores cookie before it's too late!  

    Cookie Spotlight: Coffee Cake

    If coffee is the main flavor, that means it can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert, right?! We sure think so here at Cravory Cookies! This September flavor is delicious with a cup of jo or a glass of milk and we can't get enough of it.
    The Coffee Cake cookie is made with our delicious and flavorful coffee dough. With the perfect amount of coffee flavor and a hint of sweetness this dough is the perfect base for the wonderful mix-ins that pull this coffee cake cookie together. Inside of the dough you will experience chocolate covered espresso beans, which explode with coffee flavor in every single bite. Inside the Cravory kitchen our chefs created Kahlua White Chocolate Truffles especially for this cookie creation. The sweet coffee Kahlua flavor works wonderfully with white chocolate to create the perfect Coffee Cake cookie mix-in!
    Whether you are having it for breakfast or dessert, this Coffee Cake cookie will not disappoint! Available through September 30th, make sure you order before it disappears.

    Cookie Spotlight: Bourbon Pecan

    As temperatures begin to cool down outside, things are only heating up in the Cravory Cookies kitchen! We took one of our favorite fall-time spirits and used it as the base for this fantastic September cookie flavor. The bourbon flavor mixes wonderfully with the blend of caramel and pecans.
    The first step to this delicious cookie is our brand new bourbon caramel dough. Sweet caramel flavor is the perfect accompaniment to the bourbon flavor. The two flavors combined create a sweet, yet flavorful base for this cookie. Mixed into this dough you will find caramel sauce, to enhance that sweet flavor, as well as homemade Cravory Pecan Brittle. This pecan brittle is so delicious, it could be eaten alone, so you can only imagine how decadent it becomes once it is mixed into a Cravory Cookie! The brittle adds a wonderful crunch that adds both texture and flavor. The final step to this cookie is adding the final piece of Cravory Peanut Brittle to the top of the cookie, making the cookie pleasing to both the eyes and the tastebuds!
    Are you ready to try this flavorful creation? Click here to shop Bourbon Pecan!

    An Exciting New Mix!

    At Cravory Cookies our menu is constantly changing and evolving, most notably with our cookies of the month. Every single month we introduce six brand new cookies, which are available for that specific month only. These limited edition cookies play into the flavors of the season, as well listen to requests we receive from our loyal Cravors! The best part of the Cookie of the Month program is the ability to continuously try new and exciting flavors throughout the year. Your tastebuds are always guessing and exploring!
    The one request we have continuously received, is the need for a mix which includes both the new Cookies of the Month AND our Best Sellers! What a genius idea, right? Why wouldn’t our fans want to experience new cookies while also receiving the comfort of our six Best Sellers! This is exactly why we have finally added the Half + Half Mix to our flavor menu -- a one dozen mix that combines both delicious familiarity and flavorful surprises.
    Our Best Sellers include Ultimate Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Lemon Bar, Almond Joyous, Salted Caramel Cream and Birthday Cake. While our Cookies of the Month are constantly changing, the current August flavors are Lime Matcha, Cookies ‘n Coffee, Apple Coconut, Cannoli, Spicy Mexican Chocolate and Orange Cran. With such a diverse variety, the mix is sure to please everyone!
    Do yourself (and your tummy!) a favor and give this exciting new Cravory Cookies Mix a try.

    Cookie Spotlight: Lime Matcha

    Matcha, a variation of green tea has been leaving its mark all over pop culture the past few years. While some may claim it to be a “trend,” we have a feeling this powdered tea will be around for a while, so why not explore with different variations of matcha cookies?! Our first take on matcha made an appearance last fall, but his time we decided to add a citrus component to the earthy tea flavor. This cookie begins with our new lime dough, which brings the perfect combination of citrus and sweetness. Its soft center and crispy edges are the perfect base for the next round of ingredients: MATCHA!
    As you know by now, if we can make the ingredient in-house, we will. This month blended white chocolate and matcha powder to create a one-of-a-kind match white chocolate truffle. The truffles are chopped up and mixed into the lime dough bringing a wonderful burst of matcha and sweet white chocolate. After the truffles, we mix in natural lime zest and lime juice. The final step, is a matcha sugar glaze, both beautiful in color and explosive in flavor!
    The pop of these different, yet complimentary flavors will have your tastebuds on a culinary rollercoaster during every bite! Join the matcha craze with Cravory Cookies’ Lime Matcha cookie and we guarantee you will be reaching for another.