Make Your Big Day Extra Sweet With These Gourmet Wedding Cookies

wedding cookiesAmerica loves its sweets, and cookies are by far one of the most popular desserts enjoyed across the country. Over 95% of U.S. households consume cookies, and as whole our country eats more than 2 billion cookies annually -- that's 300 cookies a person every year! While they are great for everyday snacking, cookies also make great treats at special events and are becoming a more popular feature at weddings. From personalized wedding cookies to cookie wedding favors, there are number of ways to make gourmet cookies a part of the big day. Some of the most popular wedding cookies served at wedding receptions these days are heart-shaped cookies, lemon bars, peanut butter surprises, and pecan tassies.
  1. Heart-shaped Cookies - Weddings are a day to celebrate love, and heart-shaped cookies are a great way to tie in the theme going throughout the reception. While they come in many flavors, one of the best (and simplest) recipes to use for these is a sugar cookie recipe. The cookies can be shaped with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and sprinkled with colored sugar or sprinkles to match the theme of the wedding.
  2. Lemon Bars - A slightly different approach to traditional wedding cookies, lemon bars are a rich yet refreshing treat that are quick to disappear from the table. With a light shortbread crust and creamy lemon custard filling, lemon bars are surprisingly easy to make but never disappoint.
  3. Peanut Butter Surprises - The only way to make peanut butter better is to combine it with chocolate. These small wedding cookies consist of a round peanut butter cookie with a piece of chocolate pressed into the top. The chocolate can vary from hershey's kisses to peanut butter cups, depending on the bride and groom's tastes.
  4. Pecan Tassies - These decadent little treats encompass all the delicious flavors of a pecan pie in a small tart-like cookie. They consist of a light, buttery crust and brown-sugar filling mixed with crunchy pecans. Any guests who love pecan pie are bound to enjoy this bite-size version of their favorite dessert.
Although they make a great snack, cookies are also the perfect treat to leave for guests at a wedding reception. With so many different flavors available, there are endless possibilities for making the perfect cookie table for the big day.
Re-Imagining the Traditional Cookie