Spread Joy With Cookie Baskets This Tax Season

cookie basket deliveryIt's difficult to believe that 2013 marked the 75th birthday of the chocolate chip cookie. Perhaps even more surprising, cookies lovers all around the world are still discovering new ways to enjoy the delicious treat. Take, for example, the cookie basket. Sending gourmet cookies as a gift is still a relatively new idea, and -- with any luck -- may overtake not so tasty (at least we can assume), non-edibles, like flowers. Here are a few excuses to brighten up someone's day with tempting cookie gift baskets: Say "Thank You" To Your Accountant Whether you go to the same accountant year after year or you carefully select one of the best tax preparation services, the truth remains: in more cases than not, putting together a tax return and getting the most out of your return isn't easy. Thank your accountant for all of his or her hard work with a well-timed cookie basket delivery. Cookies, a treat enjoyed by 95.2% of American households, are the perfect gift. They're thoughtful. Just about anyone will be happy to receive them, and they don't toe the line of getting a little overly friendly or too personal, like bouquets or chocolates can. St. Patrick's Day And Easter March 17 is St. Patrick's Day -- and Easter is just around the corner on April 5. Green beer is a staple for those of us lucky enough to have the day off, but a St. Patrick's Day themed cookie basket delivery is similarly enticing and work-friendly. Likewise, hard boiled eggs may be fun to decorate, but you can only eat so many. That's definitely not the case with Easter-themed (think pastel icing and egg, chick, and bunny shapes) cookies! Even better, bakeries today cater to all Americans, including those who are watching their waistline or those who have gluten allergies. Healthy gluten free cookies are also an option for holiday-themed baskets. Every year, Americans will eat more than 2 billion cookies. (That's 300 cookies per person.) Spread a little joy this tax season or this spring with "Thank You" cookie baskets or cookies decorated specifically for the occasion, like St. Patrick's Day or Easter Sunday.

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