Ditch the Wedding Cake and Have a Cookie Table At Your Reception

popular wedding cookiesThe traditional wedding dessert fare: you've probably seen it before. It's easy to picture a white fondant tiered cake, covered delicately in lace and flowers, topped with an adorably tiny bride-groom pair. But if you ever find yourself at a wedding in Pittsburgh, the cake may be nonexistent. Instead, you might find a long table, stacked with every kind of cookie you can imagine. This seemingly strange wedding tradition is referred to as a 'cookie table'. Thought to originate from Italian and Eastern European roots, the bride's family and friends spend days before the wedding, baking dozens of different types of popular wedding cookies and beyond. On the special day, the cookie table takes place of the cake, and wedding guests line up to devour the popular wedding cookie spread; to-go containers are offered to guests so they can take home the extras. Some popular wedding cookies served at receptions are pecan tassies, heart-shaped cookies, lemon bars, and peanut butter surprises. Although Pennsylvania claims to have originated this strange cookie tradition in the U.S., this practice is also known in regions such as New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Virginia. The United States is no stranger to odd cookie traditions. Take Christmas cookie traditions. Since the 1930s children in the United States and Canada celebrate Christmas Eve by leaving cookies and milk on the table for Santa. But when planning a wedding, it may not be so strange to consider having a cookie table over the traditional wedding cake. Cookie tables are a great way to get your whole wedding party involved with the reception. Cookies are a treat consumed in 92% of households across America--chances are, everyone is likely to have at least one interesting cookie recipe up their sleeve. If you don't want to worry about the possible stress of having enough cookies, online cookie delivery is an option that will afford your cookie table a quality range of gourmet cookies, ideal for every occasion. What do you think about cookie tables? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Re-Imagining the Traditional Cookie