Bakery Rolls Out Comic-Con Themed Cookies

Assortment of Cookie - Comic-Con Themed Cookies
The Cravory A peek of the Comic-Con themed cookies The Cravory will roll out during San Diego Comic-Con on July 9-12.
A San Diego-based gourmet cookie shop is really sweet on Comic-Con and has just rolled out some new treats inspired by the upcoming comic book and pop culture spectacular.
On July 9 through July 12 – to coincide with San Diego Comic-Con International 2015 (SDCC) happening downtown – The Cravory bakery in Point Loma will offer a special menu of Comic-Con themed cookies.

      The whimsical new creations are based on popular shows, movies and characters, including “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars,” that fanboys and fangirls will appreciate.

      For instance, the “Dragon Glass” cookie inspired by “Game of Thrones” mixes lemon cake dough with vanilla chips and a vanilla shell. It’s topped with “dragon glass” made of sugar – a reference to the deadly weapon used to kill “White Walkers” in the hit show.

Comic Con themed cosplay

      Then there’s “The Beast,” a treat honoring the iconic X-Men character of the same name, which features blueberry muffin dough with dried blueberries, vanilla chips and shredded coconut.

      The “Beer Donut” is a tasty nod to the “The Simpsons”: a cookie made with beer dough (yes, you read that right), topped with a vanilla shell and sprinkles. Ay, caramba!
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    • Also on the Comic-Con cookie menu: “The Oath.” This treat is inspired by the superhero Green Lantern and combines oatmeal dough with pistachio truffles.

      The “Wonder Woman” cookie pays tribute to the fierce comic book heroine with strawberry dough, a vanilla shell and appropriately colorful star candy on top. Meanwhile, “The Flash” boasts coffee dough mixed with coffee chips for a cookie with a kick.

Comic Con themed cosplay

      Finally, the “Star Wars” themed “Two Sides of the Force” cookie features vanilla cake dough, dried strawberries, roasted almonds, chocolate chips and a vanilla shell topping.

      The Cravory said the cookies feature unexpected, wild flavor combinations that match the fun and excitement of Comic-Con.

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    • Limited quantities of each cookie will be available for $2 a pop during Comic-Con weekend. They can be purchased at the bakery at 3960 W. Point Loma Blvd.

      The gourmet cookie shop specializes in 11 signature flavors – including the Pancakes and Bacon treat and the Rosemary Balsamic cookie – plus six special flavors every month. A few weeks ago, The Cravory tested the creative cookie boundaries once more by offering a cookie made with craft beer for Father’s day dubbed
“The IPA.”
      Last year, the bakery also offered some
Comic-Con themed treats.
Comic Con themed cosplay

      The unique creations have garnered the shop a cult following among sweet-toothed San Diegans.

      The bakery’s
Facebook page
Instagram account
    will include updates on the Comic-Con cookie lineup throughout the 4-day convention.

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