An Exciting New Mix!

At Cravory Cookies our menu is constantly changing and evolving, most notably with our cookies of the month. Every single month we introduce six brand new cookies, which are available for that specific month only. These limited edition cookies play into the flavors of the season, as well listen to requests we receive from our loyal Cravors! The best part of the Cookie of the Month program is the ability to continuously try new and exciting flavors throughout the year. Your tastebuds are always guessing and exploring!
The one request we have continuously received, is the need for a mix which includes both the new Cookies of the Month AND our Best Sellers! What a genius idea, right? Why wouldn’t our fans want to experience new cookies while also receiving the comfort of our six Best Sellers! This is exactly why we have finally added the Half + Half Mix to our flavor menu -- a one dozen mix that combines both delicious familiarity and flavorful surprises.
Our Best Sellers include Ultimate Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Lemon Bar, Almond Joyous, Salted Caramel Cream and Birthday Cake. While our Cookies of the Month are constantly changing, the current August flavors are Lime Matcha, Cookies ‘n Coffee, Apple Coconut, Cannoli, Spicy Mexican Chocolate and Orange Cran. With such a diverse variety, the mix is sure to please everyone!
Do yourself (and your tummy!) a favor and give this exciting new Cravory Cookies Mix a try.

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