Cookie Spotlight: Blueberry Lemonade

It is officially summertime, which means sunshine, BBQs and fun! On the flipside, summertime also means heat, humidity and holing up near the air conditioner. When the temperatures are rising, it is natural to crave something light, which is why Cravory Cookies refreshing Blueberry Lemonade cookie is the perfect summer treat!

 Our lemonade dough acts as the perfect base for this summertime speciality. Without screaming “LEMON!” it offers a subtle fresh flavor that will bring you back to the time of lemonade stands. Using fresh lemon zest, it is perfectly sweet and just a tad sour and will have you hooked with your first bite.

 The next step comes with the mix-ins. You are sure to get a blueberry in almost every bite and even if you don’t, our homemade blueberry puree that we mix in will guarantee you get that blueberry flavor. The final mix-in of vanilla a’peels compliments the fruitiness of this cookie with just the right amount of sweetness only vanilla can add. The finishing touch of our fresh homemade blueberry glaze is perfect topping to this delightful creation! Not only does it add a fruity sweetness, but the texture of the glaze brings this cookie to the next level.


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