Cookie Spotlight: Bourbon Pecan

As temperatures begin to cool down outside, things are only heating up in the Cravory Cookies kitchen! We took one of our favorite fall-time spirits and used it as the base for this fantastic September cookie flavor. The bourbon flavor mixes wonderfully with the blend of caramel and pecans.
The first step to this delicious cookie is our brand new bourbon caramel dough. Sweet caramel flavor is the perfect accompaniment to the bourbon flavor. The two flavors combined create a sweet, yet flavorful base for this cookie. Mixed into this dough you will find caramel sauce, to enhance that sweet flavor, as well as homemade Cravory Pecan Brittle. This pecan brittle is so delicious, it could be eaten alone, so you can only imagine how decadent it becomes once it is mixed into a Cravory Cookie! The brittle adds a wonderful crunch that adds both texture and flavor. The final step to this cookie is adding the final piece of Cravory Peanut Brittle to the top of the cookie, making the cookie pleasing to both the eyes and the tastebuds!
Pecan Brittle cookie

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