Cookie Spotlight: Coconut Cream Pie

Things are finally heating up after a chilly winter and spring, and nothing screams warmer weather than the flavor of coconut! This tropical flavor is one we love to play around with here at Cravory Cookies; one of our first and most popular flavors is the Almond Joyous cookie, which is the perfect cookie compliment to the fan favorite candy bar. This month we decided to bring coconut into the mix with our new Coconut Cream Pie cookie. This cookie is a Cravory twist on the classic dessert. We enhance the coconut flavors with pecans, white chocolate chips and best of all, a toasted marshmallow topping!

We start this delicious creation with our coconut dough. This dough is soft, flavorful and the perfect “crust” for this take on an old favorite. With the coconut flavor set, it was time to add some flare to this Coconut Cream Pie cookie! We hand chop pecans and mix them into the dough to give the cookie the perfect amount of crunch and nutty flavor. Next come the white chocolate chips, which add the right amount of creamy sweetness. The final step in creating the Coconut Cream Pie cookie is sprinkling mini marshmallows on stop and toasting them by hand. Our chefs use a culinary blowtorch to give the marshmallow the perfect shade of toasted brown! From the flavor right down to the texture, the Coconut Cream Pie is already shaping up to be one of the most popular May cookies of the month.

If you’re ready to start summer a bit early, make sure you grab yourself a Coconut Cream Pie cookie before it disappears on June 1st!

Coconut Cream Pie Cravory cookie

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