Cookie Spotlight: Lime Matcha

Matcha, a variation of green tea has been leaving its mark all over pop culture the past few years. While some may claim it to be a “trend,” we have a feeling this powdered tea will be around for a while, so why not explore with different variations of matcha cookies?! Our first take on matcha made an appearance last fall, but his time we decided to add a citrus component to the earthy tea flavor. This cookie begins with our new lime dough, which brings the perfect combination of citrus and sweetness. Its soft center and crispy edges are the perfect base for the next round of ingredients: MATCHA!
As you know by now, if we can make the ingredient in-house, we will. This month blended white chocolate and matcha powder to create a one-of-a-kind match white chocolate truffle. The truffles are chopped up and mixed into the lime dough bringing a wonderful burst of matcha and sweet white chocolate. After the truffles, we mix in natural lime zest and lime juice. The final step, is a matcha sugar glaze, both beautiful in color and explosive in flavor!
The pop of these different, yet complimentary flavors will have your tastebuds on a culinary rollercoaster during every bite! Join the matcha craze with Cravory Cookies’ Lime Matcha cookie and we guarantee you will be reaching for another.

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