Cookie Spotlight: Peaches 'n Toffee

Not only is summer wonderful for the warm weather, long days and plentiful sunshine, but the we love the fruit the most! It is sweet, fresh and such an amazing ingredient to inspire some delicious summer cookies. This July we decided to utilize the fresh summer fruits as much as possible; we played around with oranges, strawberries and peaches and none of them disappointed! Our Peaches ‘n Toffee cookie is a perfect blend of bold flavors and the perfect amount of sweetness.
To begin, we used our tried and true almond dough. This dough has a great almond flavor, while maintaining the soft and chewy texture Cravory Cookies are known for. This almond flavor is the perfect base for the sweet and juicy taste of peach and the sweetness of the toffee. The first thing we add to the almond dough is Jackie’s Jams Peach Cobbler Jam. This jam is the real deal, using fresh peaches and adding in spices such as cloves, cinnamon and allspice. This scrumptious jam is another great example of why we love to work with this local San Diego company!
After the jam is successfully mixed in, we throw in freshly sauteed peaches. The pieces of peach have been sauteed over low heat with the perfect amount of cinnamon. To compliment the cinnamon, the mix-in final ingredient is pieces of Heath Bar toffee. With the right amount of crunch, the Heath Bar adds the perfect texture as a mix-in, as well as a topping! This cookie will have you reaching for another and is sure to satisfy your summer cravings.
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