Cookie Spotlight: Strawberry Basil

Is it really summer if you haven’t indulged in a bowl of fresh, juicy strawberries? Well, we don’t think so, but if you are not into that, here’s another idea for you: Strawberry Basil cookie! Yes, we went there and created a foodie’s dream cookie. It is the perfect blend of sweet and savory and your tastebuds will be thanking you after the first bite!
We created a strawberry dough specially for this culinary creation. It has the perfect amount of sweet, fresh strawberry flavor and it’s naturally pink color makes it that much more fun to eat!  While Cravory Cookies is no stranger to creating our cookie mix-ins in house, we brought it to the next level with the basil white chocolate truffles we invented just for this cookie. We grind fresh basil in a food processor to alter the texture while maintaining the basil flavor. We then take half of the ground basil and create a reduction over heat. This reduction is then added to the white chocolate and formed into truffles. Once the basil truffles are set, we chop them up into small pieces and add them to the strawberry dough.
After our homemade basil truffles are mixed in, we then add fresh strawberry basil jam made by local jam company, Jackie’s Jams. The jam adds in a fresh sweetness and intensifies the strawberry and basil flavors. The final touch is rolling the dough in basil sugar and baking to a perfect soft center and crispy edge. The basil sugar adds a wonderful crunch to every bite and pulls all of the flavors together.
Whether you are a foodie or not, we know you will appreciate the bold flavors within this delicious cookie! Strawberry Basil is here for the month of July only, so make sure you order yours while you can (and don’t forget, we now offer all of our flavors in a half dozen!) 

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