DIY Cookie Bar

Throwing the best party around doesn’t have to be an exhausting feat. All you need are food, friends, family and fun, right? Almost! We tend to think the finishing touch on any party is an exciting and delicious DESSERT! We’re looking ahead to Easter celebrations and helping you give your yearly tradition a boost with a DIY cookie bar.

Yes, cookie bars are currently the rage at weddings and corporate events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful one right in your own home. Cookie bars are absolutely DIY - in addition to the cookies, all you need is a table, some plates or platters and a few decorations to pull everything together!

Top view of cookie spread + settings - Cravory cookie bar

Adding in a cake stand, or using risers to lift some of the cookie plates higher off of the table adds dimension and creates a wow-factor!

Top view of cookie spread - Cravory cookie bar

We love using tent flavor signs as a fun and creative way to display all of the delicious flavors on the cookie bar. Don’t be nervous to get creative with them - go ahead and use a fun font or add a pop of color!

View of cookie spread - Cravory cookie bar

Hey, why not throw some milk on the table to make it a one-stop-shop!

View of cookie spread - Cravory cookie bar

Cookie bars are a wonderful way to present dessert to your guests, and will absolutely take your party to the next level….and if you’re really ready to wow your guests, set your oven to 350 degrees and let your guests warm their cookies up for that fresh out of the oven taste (and smell)!

Email if you’d like to learn more about using Cravory Cookies for your Easter DIY cookie bar!

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