The Life of a Cravory Cookie Taster

Do you ever have that dream where you’re in a room surrounded by 40+ different flavors of delicious, sweet Cravory Cookies and encouraged to try every single one? Yeah, us too. And not only is it a recurring dream for us, it’s also a recurring reality! Over the past nine years, Cravory Cookies has created over 4,000 different cookie flavors and we continue to add to our recipe box every single month.

The process of introducing 6 brand new cookies every month is an exciting task requiring time, creativity and a surplus of delicious ingredients. Our chefs lead the charge spending weeks preparing for each quarterly tasting. While brainstorming, they make sure to take into account any and all upcoming holidays, from Valentine's Day to National Peanut Butter Day. These holidays are great sources of flavor inspiration and a wonderful way to make the cookies of the month seamlessly fit into our Cravers’ lives.

In additional to holidays, it’s even more important to use flavors that are in season! While a pumpkin themed cookie may fly off the shelf during October, it’s not exactly what people naturally crave in the middle of a 90 degree heat spell during July. Using the freshest ingredients is an important part of this process, which means knowing what fruits are in season, what people are naturally craving and how best to appeal to our fans!

Once our chefs have created the flavors, they round up all of the necessary ingredients and spend days mixing doughs in preparation for the big tasting. Once every quarter, the entire Cravory team gathers in the kitchen to sample each and every new creation. At first glance it looks a tad overwhelming, 40 flavors? All in a row?! We move through the flavors together, discussing the consistency, flavor and whether or not we think our Cravers will approve. Once our bellies are on the verge of exploding and we can’t even look at another cookie (at least for a few hours!), we assign the new cookie flavors to specific months. After the cookies are organized into months, we choose the names, take an onslaught of photos and patiently wait until it’s time to debut them!

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

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