Cravory Coffee Collection

Nothing beats enjoying a Cravory cookie with a hot beverage. Welcome to the Cravory Coffee Collection! Tantalize your taste buds by opening new mind-blowing flavors. Our treats can easily be enjoyed with our cookie delivery service.

The Cravory Coffee is a must try for all coffee lovers! After sipping your first cup, you’ll feel like you are on cloud nine. Our high-quality coffee has an incredible aroma, taste, and finish. Believe us–you won’t be able to resist the temptation to grab a second cup!

Also, check out our Cookies and Coffee Mix. It includes both coffee, your favorite cookies, and a coffee mug. Pamper yourself with this wonderful mix, or grab it as an easy present for a co-worker or friend!

Are you a regular cookie enthusiast who always wants to have some at hand? Don't miss out on our cookie subscription service. Have our delicious cookies regularly delivered to your door, making your coffee times even more delightful.


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Cookies & Coffee Mix
They might say that cookies and milk are the best combination, but here at The Cravory we like it a little stronger. Introducing our Cookies & Coffee Mix.
Sale priceFrom $29.95
Cravory coffee by cafe moto
We've partnered with Cafe Moto, a local coffee roastery in San Diego to bring The Cravory it's own blend.
Sale price$9.95
Hot Cocoa & Cookie Mix
Enjoy a sip of warm, decadent cocoa alongside your favorite cookies.
Sale priceFrom $29.95
Cravory Coffee Mug
Share a piece of San Diego and Cravory back at home. Introducing The Cravory Coffee Mug!
Sale price$6.95
Old Flavor
January Mix CookiesJanuary Mix Cookies
Ringing in the new year with our January cookies will help elevate any celebration!
Sale priceFrom $18.95