Gourmet Cookies: Gifts With Taste

corporate cookiesCookies are a popular snack and dessert all over the world. Over 2 billion cookies are eaten by Americans alone, an average of 300 cookies per person! Cookies were originally made as small cakes to test oven temperature, and the modern Christmas cookie can be traced to recipes from Medieval Europe. Since the 1930s, Americans and Canadians have left cookies and milk for Santa every Christmas Eve, beginning a tradition of giving cookies as gifts. There are many different occasions and methods of giving cookies as gifts. Many people like to give gourmet cookie baskets. With a variety of cookie types and flavors, cookie gift baskets can be customized for people with allergies or food sensitivities. For example, baskets can even be filled with healthy gluten-free cookies for people with celiac disease. Corporate cookie gift boxes are a great way for companies to show their appreciation to clients and partners. Corporate cookies are often decorated with the company logo, and can be used in promotional events as well as for holiday gifts. Cookies have even been gifted as favors at wedding receptions. Cookie wedding favors are often iced to match the wedding decor, and make a great snack on the way home for guests who may have worked up an appetite on the dance floor. Because people tend to order personalized wedding or corporate cookies in large batches, they can be difficult to find at local bakeries. Fortunately, there are ways to special order cookies online for delivery. Cookie delivery companies make it possible to send cookies to weddings or corporate parties all over the country without sacrificing freshness. Gourmet cookies make a great gift for weddings, business associates, and Santa due to their enormous popularity. Cookies can be made from a variety of recipes, and are eaten in 95.2% of United States households. With so many different types of cookies and so many different cookie eaters, cookie basket delivery is almost the perfect gift.

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