Cookie Spotlight: Peanut Butter Rocky Road

When we learned National Rocky Road Day was occurring on June 2nd, we knew it was time to create the ultimate rocky road cookie. After much brainstorming and mulling over the unlimited options out there, we decided it was time to bring peanut butter into the mix and that we did. 
While it would have been easy to simply borrow the dough from our Peanut Butter Overload cookie, we went one step further and created a brand new chocolate peanut butter dough. This dough has the perfect blend of these two fan favorite flavors, which is the base for this monstrosity of a cookie! 
Here at Cravory Cookies, we love to push the limits and hardly ever take the simple route, and it was no different when it came to figuring out which mix-ins to add to the chocolate peanut butter dough. When you bite into the Peanut Butter Rocky Road, you will discover peanut butter chips, marshmallows, peanuts and semisweet chocolate chips. As if that weren't the ultimate rocky road already, the cookie is topped off with a delicious marshmallow crunch and dark chocolate drizzle! 
If you love the chocolate, peanut and marshmallow combination of rocky road, as well as the timeless love story of peanut butter and chocolate, this Peanut Butter Rocky Road cookie is your dream come true!

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