The History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cravory Cookies displayed box with chocolate chip cookies

It has been said that the chocolate chip cookie is an American classic. Most historians agree that Ruth Wakefield can be credited with inventing the chocolate chip cookie, which celebrated its 75th birthday in 2013. To truly appreciate the chocolate cookie, it is important to understand its beginnings and how we grew to love such a classic desert.

The Beginning The word cookie is of Dutch origin and the word keokje, meaning "little cake." Culinary historians believe that cookies were first used as test cakes using a small amount of cake better to test oven temperatures. Commonly consumed for snacking or as dessert, cookies are usually organized by how they are made. Preparations include drop, molded, pressed, refrigerated, bar, and rolled. For example, a cookie recipe including molding the dough into a log-like shape, refrigerating until firm, slicing then baking create what are known as refrigerator or icebox cookies. The Many Names of the Cookie There more cookie flavors to choose from than many might think including names to which different places around the world refer to them as. In England, cookies are often referred to as biscuits; in Spain, galletas. In Germany, you may hear someone ask for keks while in Italy, biscotti is the popular name. Believe it or not, Christmas cookies go as far back as European Medieval times with varying recipes. Consumption Each country also has different ways of consuming cookies. For example, in France and Italy, they are consumed with tea or coffee in the morning while in the U.S., they are usually served as dessert. Worldwide, chocolate chip cookies and specialty cookies are used for gift box ideas. Cookie delivery companies create beautiful displays for cookies at events like weddings and parties for guests to enjoy. Many even offer online cookie delivery services for the convenience of customers. Personalized weddings cookies have also grown popular in recent years with couples designing weddings cookies to match their theme. Whether celebrating a milestone, topping off a great meal or simply enjoying a snack, it is agreed that cookies are a universal favorite. Not only do they add joy to any meal, but they also bring people together in more ways than one.

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