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Jumping for JOY!

So EXCITED! Words can't describe how Surprised & THRILLED the Birthday Boy got to be the 'Cookie Monster' to Cravory Cookies' Best Seller cookie mix. On top of that, the adorable cutie pie & the huggable Snow Leopard are now inseparable. Looking forward to further options of stuffed critters in Purple &/or Dinosaurs, too, for future celebrations!

Tropical Mix Fun-Flavors!

Wow! The gift recipient absolutely enjoyed Cravory's One-of-a-Kind Tropical Mix -- a panoply of unique tastes & textures of the Ube, Macadamia Nut, PassionFruit Guava, Pandan (Screwpine), Halo Halo ("Mix-Mix" in Tagalog), & Mango con Chile Cookies -- reminiscent of past travels throughout Southeast Asia, Polynesia, Hawaii, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India...

Best Seller's Mix
Margaret Fuller

Best Seller's Mix

Best Seller's Mix
Araceli Heredia

Honestly there were quality issues, some cookies were a decent size, others were TINY, definitely not near the quality suggested by the cost. I feel like the 1st time I ordered years ago, they were much better. The lemon one was the best one, but too much powdered sugar on top. Well, again, lack of consistency in quality, one had way too much powdered sugar, the other had hardly any at all.

PB Overload Cookies
Gerry Branner
All broken

The product was all broken and I didn’t even try them because I was so mortified how they arrived. To make matters worse they delivered to the wrong address 😑 my address is 480 Canyon Oaks Dr # H Oakland, Ca 94605

Prepaid 2 Dozen Cookies
Mychel Fischer
July was a miss for us

I had high hopes for July’s flavors and not one tastes like they were supposed to.

I was not looking forward to Cotton Candy because it sounded way too sweet but my son said it tasted like a sugar cookie. I was looking forward to trying the Watermelon Tajin and it also tasted like a sugar cookie.

I was not looking forward to Pina Colada because I don’t like coconut but you couldn’t taste the coconut, it was really doughy and the Cherry was nice, if saved for the last bite. More cherries would have been great!

Chocolate Funnel Cake didn’t taste like a funnel cake at all and it was only a hint of chocolate. I would have expected this to be more of a dense and doughy cookie and it wasn’t either.

The blueberry lemon poppyseed was more of a lemon cookie with very little blueberry and no poppy seed flavor.

The strawberry sundae was my favorite but certainly did not taste like strawberry at all! It was more like a chocolate cheesecake taste.

Any prior cookies I have ever tried from The Cravory was spot on and sometimes overpowered with flavor but not for the month of July.

Dry, weird flavors

Best Seller's Mix
Silas Khor

Half of the cookies arrived broken/crumbled. We did not enjoy the cookies as much as we have in the past. Not sure if summer weather affected outcome of cookies when they are delivered.

Blueberry lemon poppy seed delight.

These cookies were delightfully good.

Pina Colada Cookies
Tekia Hicks
Pina Colada Cookies

Theses cookies are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

Ube Cookies
Camille Henriques
Way too sweet

They were too sweet for my liking..,

Great Tasty Fun!

It's like being loved by your grandma all over again!!

July Mix Cookies
Penny Wimer
Good stuff

I order my grandkids the flavor of the month cookies every month. They love them and always look forward to the next months flavor.

Best cookie ever!

I knew about Cravory through a coffee subscription box, but I was impressed more by their cookies than coffee. I was so happy to find that Cravory also has subscription plans and immediately signed up. They come with six new flavors every month and they are sooooo good!

Best Seller's Mix
Steven Radgowski
To Best

A new would

Best Seller's Mix
Nicole Sarmiento

Once again you made cookies unbelievably fun and happy. I’m so thankful for your quick customer service and your delivery! You made me friend super happy on her special day and I can’t thank you enough! I’ll be spreading the world about your business in the OC area. Thank you again!!

Great gift 😊

Gave this as a birthday gift. It was a hit!

Prepaid Half Dozen Cookies

Pina Colada Cookies
Sue Johnson

Delicious cookie

So easy & yummy

I sent treats to a friend who just moved cross country and I loved that I got order updates throughout the process. She loved the cookies and I'm so happy I used Cravory.

Everything WAS AMAZING

Best cookie ever and the customer service was like none other

PB Overload Cookies
Kevin Egeland
Soooooo yummy!

I love a good peanut butter cookie. These are amazing. So packed with peanut buttery goodness. I will be ordering these again. Sooooo yummy!

July Mix Cookies
Andrea Chase
Pretty Meh

Cotton Candy cookie showed up hard as a rock and broken. Tried to warm it up for a few seconds and it browned immediately. Blueberry lemon was good, the Pina colada was underwhelming, as were the rest of the flavors. Would not repurchase - which is a little disappointing as they are displayed looking amazing.

Prepaid Half Dozen Cookies

FANTASTIC! Hands Down the BEST Summer One Yet!

I must admit, I was skeptical due to the watermelon/spicy taste combo. Plus in general I don't do alot of "spicy" foods due to an ulcer. But I love watermelon and thought, "Just try a nibble..." Well - I ATE THE WHOLE D@MN COOKIE!! ABSOLUTELY up there in my Top 5 Favorites!!! The cookie was moist, smelled wonderful, screams watermelon, and to be honest, the "spicy" note was very subtle. Its now been several hours since I ate it and my stomach is still very VERY happy! When I asked my husband what he thought, he just smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and said he'd make room in the freezer. I'm getting ready to order a dozen before they are gone. So thankful I tried "just a nibble!" LOL