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Lemon Bar Cookies
Jeannie Duffy
The Lemon Bomb!

They were incredible. My son and I are both lemon lovers. The dozen lemon bar cookies were the best we’ve overhead.

Ube Cookies
Josephine Andres
Yummy Ube Cookies

The ube cookies arrived in a packaging with handle. Also, I like that it is wrapped individually. The cookies were very dense but yummy!! The powder sugar is overkill though; it was too much. I love these ube cookies and so did my friends that I shared them with.

Half + Half Mix
Jennifer Silac

I didnt personally try these, they were a gift for my sister. She said they were average. Not bad, but not amazing either.

Half + Half Mix
Gregory Bierman
Really good!

I got these as a birthday gift for my sister and she loved them! They were fresh despite a shipping delay and I would definitely order again.

Strawberry Pop Tart Cookies

Prepaid 1 Dozen Cookies


Ordered the almond shortbread flavor, received the almond joyous flavor. Contacted cravory via email multiple times and Instagram dm. They’re completely ignoring me, despite the fact that this was entirely their error. Awful customer service truly


We got a variety pack of half a dozen cookies delivered. None of them were broken! They were chewy and generous in size. The ingredients card was fun and helpful. Great quality and customer service!

Prepaid Half Dozen Cookies

Perfect for school treats

With Covid I had to get creative with elementary school treats. These cookies were not only delicious, but they were also individually wrapped which was a plus for me! Thank you.

Rosemary Balsamic Cookies
Trisha Cummings
A Uniquely Incredible Cookie Masterpiece

These are my absolute favorite Cravory cookies, and one of my favorite cookies, period! They have such a unique flavor and are extremely soft and dense and chewy. I love how they aren't very sweet and are so herbaceous from the rosemary. Super amazingly delicious!

Red Velvet Cookies
Georgina Mezene
Cravory cookies



Wonderful, delicious, adventurous taste!

We never get bored of The Cravory since they always create great new flavors, and we just love how innovative and fun these cookies are! Colorful and delicious, you can never go wrong with their half & half mix!

Half + Half Mix
nicola Lusky
Super Gift

I sent them to my nephew and he loved them!
Thank You for your Outstanding Customer Service!

Half + Half Mix
Chelsea Boyne
Got order wrong and never responded to emails

I ordered the cookies as a gift but they didn't even send the half and half mix so I couldn't even give a review one way or the other on if it is good. I sent two separate emails and never received a response of any kind. I don't know what kind of customer service this company gives but they don't seem to care that they messed up and sent the wrong thing. How disappointing. I will order my cookies elsewhere from a company who actually cares about their customers.

Prepaid 1 Dozen Cookies
Clareesa Savka
So good

Cookies surpassed expectations! Taste and texture ON POINT.

Perfect gift

I gave this subscription as a secret santa gift and they were so happy and excited! They always text me to tell me how incredible the cookies are!

Ube Cookies
Asuncion Ramirez
Ube cookies

The Ube cookies were soft/delicious but the powdered sugar make it too sweet! Can use less of the powdered sugar!

Pancakes And Bacon Cookies

Cookies & Coffee Mix
Jasmin Jacobs

Cookies & Coffee Mix

Fantastic cookies

Awesome!!! Love !!!

Best Seller's Mix
Jared Edwards
Did Not Receive the Proper Mix

Firstly, I would like to say I love the cookies I received, but I did not receive the correct order.

I am not sure which mix I got, but I only 3 flavors in my box of 2 dozen. The flavors I got was "Lump of Coal", Peppermint Bark, and Cookies N Cream Milkshake.

Like I said, they were nice, but not what I ordered or what I was expecting to get.

My email is [****] incase this is anonymous and you would like to reach out.

Half + Half Mix
Patricia Pugh

I ordered the birthday cookies to a family member, and another family member tasted them and wanted the same for their birthday. The best tasting cookies EVER!!!

Cookies & Coffee Mix
Rachael Green
Love this, but wish it came with two mugs

I sent this to my friends on the east coast so they could experience our yummy local coffee and cookies. They loved it. My only wish was that it either includes 2 mugs or at least give us the option to add another mug to the order.

Also - customer service was fantastic! They very quickly (and after hours) helped me when I inadvertently selected the wrong delivery address.

Thank you!