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Wonderful cookies 😋

Best cookie club I have found

Such a treat!!

My Mom absolutely loved being surprised woth an assortment of yummy cookies for Mother's Day. Her coolies shipped quickly and were packaged beautifully (I asked her to send me pics 😂). Definitely recommend for everyone, bit especially if you Mama has a little sweet tooth.

Excellent product

Tastes wonderful

Mango Cookie

The other cookies were soft but the Mango weren’t and I think they should have had more of the chili flavor because there was not enough contrast in flavors. I loved the lemon the best and then red velvet. They were soft and chewy.

Prepaid 1 Dozen Cookies

Good but a tad pricey

Excellent Cookies

These cookies are fantastic. I also love the fact that they come individually wrapped. I take one with me for lunch 3 days/week at work. The lemon cookies are particularly wonderful. All of them are so soft, and chewy. That are fantastic.

Red Velvet Cookies


My husband loves lemons, so I am always looking for desserts that he might enjoy. These cookies made his eyes light up after one bite! I couldn't be happier, and obviously he loves them too!

Fabulous soft cookies

They are fabulous cookies. I ate one & froze the rest.( ok, I ate 2)

The best cookies

This was a gift to a good friend who absolutely loved the cookies. He told me that all the different flavors were perfect. The cookies were greatly packaged, they took a few days bit to get delivered but arrived in perfect shape and tasted great. I will be ordering from cravory again!

Was not happy with Adventurous Mix

Of the 8 flavors only half were edible.


These were so amazing!! I've loved every kind I've tried


Cookies were delicious and the flavors were really interesting and fun.

Lemon bar

Wonderful lemon flavor. One of my favorites


Great variety of cookies every month. It is a wonderful treat.

Ube Cookies

Good but nothing special

Cookies were of average quality. Average size, average flavor, just average.

Cookies not as advertised, be warned!!!

I ordered 2 dozen of the may mix cookies and was super dissapointed. The raspberry cookies has no red color in and no taste of raspberry. When I called, I was told "they were overmixed and the raspberry was just mixed in too much". What bull! If you have ever baked or cooked, you know that's not how mixing works. Instead of admitting their mistake and apologizing, they choose to lie and !oosr a customer!


Ordered as a gift and they were a hit. Customer service is great and shipping is fast with tracking throughout. Just placed another order for a friend

Bad experience

I ordered may mix for my wife and sent another order to my mother for mother's day. When we received our order and opened a couple of the cookies we noticed they were not completely cooked and even had moisture inside the sealed packages. I called my mother to see how their cookies arrived and she was still waiting on hers so I told her about ours and apologized in advance if there were any issues. She said she was going to try them with a friend once they arrived and would let me know afterwards. A little later I got a call and she had the same experience. She said they tried one of each and all the cookies were undercooked and still wet. My step father also tried one and had an upset stomach afterwards and the next morning as well. I reached out to the company through email and told them about my experience and included a picture of an unopened cookie showing the wet dough and moisture all over the inside of the pagcaking. They said although their cookies are normally soft cookies they should not look that way and offered me replacements. I declined the replacements and told them others were also leaving reviews that their cookies were not cooked completely and said I would prefer a refund. Unfortunately they again offered more cookies and ignored my request for the refund completely. I will not order from this company again. I'm shocked that even with pictures of unopened nearly raw cookies they declined to refund. Avoid these at all costs. I wish I could give less than 1 star review for both these cookies and this company.


Great thank you gift

Ordering and shipping process was a breeze. Cookies arrived fresh and it was a great way to show my appreciation to a colleague.

Birthday mix review

We love Cravory cookies and my daughter especially loves the birthday cookie, I send her a dozen every year. This time I sent the birthday mix as I saw on your website, but the new chocolate chip cookie was not as shown on your site. They didn’t have sprinkles, the deco was hard and non-edible, frosting on one looked weird like it had sprinkles and then they all fell off, daughter said taste wasn’t so great, basically very disappointing. One had double heart decos which really has nothing to do with birthday.

Better than homemade.

You won’t be disappointed. They’re so fresh and better than homemade. The flavors are creative without being “weird.”

I’ll be ordering again.