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Loved them!

They were a gift to us from Mike. We are still working our way through the boxes & enjoying all the flavors!! Thank you!

Orange Cranberry Cookies
Deborah Davis
Orange Cranberry Cookies

They were delicious & My family loved them
I would order them again!

Best Seller's Mix
Katherine Goodman

Too sweet.

Ube Cookies
Chris Schoppa
UBE rules!

The cookies were absolutely amazing … thanks so much!

Ube Cookies
RJ Holmes-Leopold

Ube Cookies

Better than Grandmas🤭

So soft and gooey somehow still. Just like fresh cookies from the over after 5 seconds in the microwave. Will definitely keep buying!! We ate them all in a few days!🤣😭❤️

Not fresh

Very dry, stale, didn’t taste good

Good cookies

They were good and a nice mixture. Liked them but didn’t love them all. Salted Caramel was my favorite

Ube Cookies
Marquis Burge

New found favorite

November Mix Cookies
Faye Ferguson

Good but not my favorite

November Mix Cookies
Mandi Warner

November Mix Cookies

Lemon Bar Cookies
Deborah Craytor
So Delicious!

The Lemon Bar Cookies are amazingly delicious! I've had trouble limiting myself to just one cookie per day.


Arrived to Massachusetts within a few days and still they were amazingly fresh. Cookies are overall pretty sweet and very, very delicious.

Red Velvet Cookies
Tachelle McPheeters
Sweet and Soft

These were really good and lived up to the hype that had me placing my first order with The Cravory. They are not overly sweet with just the right amount of richness that I love about a Red Velvet cake.

Half + Half Mix
Jasmine B
Good gift

Sent this to my mom and she liked the variety

November Mix Cookies

The November Mix was great. All of them had a nuance flavor and sweetness without being overbearing.

Birthday Cake Cookies
stephen Smith

Birthday Cake Cookies

Best Seller's Mix
Dawn Holmberg

Best Seller's Mix

Best Seller's Mix
Hope Zaslow

Best cookies ever

Ube Cookies
Mack Davis

I freaking love the ube cookies, they are so delicious, I made the mistake with sharing with my wife and she asked me for more, I didn't want to share my secret stash.


The cookies were an Xmas present for my best friend
I sent them to her. She said they were ALL delicious. They tried all of them.

Mint Hot Cocoa Cookies
Elizabeth Everett
Very good,

not too sweet, but sweet enough..

Good size

I'm doomed.

I almost wish these cookies weren't as good as they are. I've never liked soft cookies, and still don't, generally speaking. But these little gems call to me in my sleep. Nuking them for about 12 seconds each makes a huge taste and texture difference to me. And of course I have my favorites, like the ube and cookie monster, among others. After swearing I wouldn't order them so soon again I ordered 4 dozen more. I plan to share them with my local post office, the vet's office, and brazenly, my dentist's office. (Come on, you know they eat sugar too.) I like eating them with a fork like a piece of cake. Keeps me from scarfing them down too fast.


I've been around for 60 years and have never liked soft cookies. Ever! If I received some I would either freeze them till they got hard, stick them in the oven or even leave the package open on the counter. Seriously. But these da*m cookies have me obsessing over them. Although I do nuke them for about 12 seconds-- as suggested-- and then eat them with a fork like it's cake. Wow! I swore I wouldn't order them again. Yeah, right.

Cookie Monster Cookies

love them my favorite