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Ube Cookies
Courtney Nesom
Super Tasty

I really really enjoyed these cookies. I think I would even enjoy them not coated in powdered sugar. They were wonderful!

Kids Cookies

I sent these cookies to my grand babies in Idaho and they loved them.

October Mix Cookies
Paul Ferguson
Trick not a Treat

I’ve loved other cravory cookies that a friend have given me as a gift so decided to order some of my own. What better time than get some cute halloween ones. Well, when they arrived they looked nothing like the photographs. Ok, I'm just going to gobble then down myself so that didn't matter so much. What bothered me was the cookies all seemed underdone. Also none of the halloween flavors grabbed me. Did anybody taste test these flavors before release? This halloween edition felt rushed

Prepaid Half Dozen Cookies

Ultimate Box - 48 Cookies

The assortment was great and they were a big hit at my meeting

Black Cat Cookies
Brandi Fennell


So Good

These cookies are the best! The are fresh and it's hard not to literally inhale them. We all enjoyed them and everyone had a favorite, which is what is nice about the Best Sellers Mix, something for everyone. You definitely Crave more.

Prepaid 1 Dozen Cookies

Cookie Monster Cookies
Nicholas Sica

Exceeded my expectations for sure do yourself a favor and order these cookies!

Candy Corn Bark Cookies
The Shankadelic
Love the Candy Corn Cookies

I love Candy Corn and I love these cookies - they are nice and chewy and did not disappoint. I only wish you didn't deliver with Fed Ex - they stink my area.

Omm Nom Nom!

She loved the cookies and the alpaca!!!

Unique flavors

The recipient would prefer standard flavors like: chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter.

Prepaid 1 Dozen Cookies
Mary Gallagher

Prepaid 1 Dozen Cookies

Adventurous Mix
Jean Coronejo
Great variety and contains some of their best flavors!

Highly recommend as I loved these flavors more so than the Best Sellers box; a surprising outcome! Hard to say which flavor is the best because aside from the PB overload (which is a common flavor), every flavor is 4.5/5. Taro, Rosemary, Cookies&Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Pancakes&Bacon are all a must try. Throw it in your air fryer (lower temp so you don't burn them) or a few seconds in the microwave for best experience.

Best Seller's Mix
Patti Dale
Great Cookies

We loved these Cookies...would recommend them greatly! ☺

Best Seller's Mix
Andrea Peratt

Your cookies never disappoint and I love sharing your cookies with others. From everyone I have sent them to, they have LOVED them!!! Keep up the great work and the fun flavors!

Take a Chance on the Candy Corns!!

I must admit I was skeptical. I'm not a candy corn lover per say, but I LOVE cookies!!! 110% worth the risk! This was just a SUPER FUN (and amazingly tasty) cookie! The texture with the candy corn pieces & marshmallows was chewy but not gummy and I must admit I ate both of the cookies in our subscription box and didn't share. Sorry babe! Thankfully, my husband doesn't read the reviews. LOL

Nothing but Goodness & Blackberries!

I am loving this month's subscription cookies! Another one deserving 6 thumbs up!! From the moment you take a bite, you know this one is different & incredibly delicious. The blackberry notes are beautifully balanced with the chocolate. It was very soft but not underbaked and finding one of the dark chocolate chunks? Perfection. I could definitely eat these year round...

Ube Cookies
Mark Alamares
Huge clumps of hardened powdered sugar ruining a good cookie

Huge clumps of hardened powdered sugar ruining a good cookie

I'd Visit a Graveyard for These!!

Moist, chocolately, with an unexpectedly delicious hint of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg...basically Pumpkin Pie! While it's not a pairing I would have put together, we're glad you did!! Love the crumble! Definitely a cookie I'll order on it's own~ Thank you for including it in the monthly subscription! *One note though, my cookie did not look like the image. It looked like a chocolate cookie with a chocolate crumble.

Ube Cookies
jay banks

Ube Cookies

Didn't like the red velvet cookies

Not a lot of flavor, were crunchy and not soft like I expected.

Birthday Cake Cookies
Raenell Hooten
Cool Cookies

very good cookies, but a bit pricey

Best Seller's Mix
Aurora Rico
Absolutely Delicious

These cookies are amazing! Soft, delicious, flavorful and make to perfection.