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Lemon bar cookie

Lemon bar cookie was my favorite. The powdered sugar was an nice extra.


Most delicious, moist, softest, tastiest cookies I’ve ever tried! So glad I ordered the Best Sellers Mix as I was able to try such a variety! They were all amazing and I will order again and again!

Cookies were Okay. To thin and crumbly for my taste. Not much original flavor.

Stale Cookies

Paid for the cookies as a gift for my mom. Everyone that tasted the cookies said they tasted stale and were crumbly. Notified the company and they sent a replacement for the cookies that they said would be fresh baked. The cookies were stale and crumbly AGAIN! My guess is either the cookies are not fresh baked or the packaging isn’t high quality enough to keep the cookies fresh! If so-called fresh cookies are in non airtight packaging for approximately three days of shipping then they will be what my mom received. Which are cookies that are crumbly. Never again will I order these cookies. It was embarrassing to give them as a gift!

The best cookies I ever ate!

The cookies are fresh and soft! Individually wrapped and I couldn't stop eating them! These are the best cookies ever! They are very yummy for your tummy! There are a variety of flavors and I love them all! Awesome cookies and you won't be disappointed!


Didnt taste like ube too much, but wow they were absolutely delicious

Unbelievably good!!!

These were the best cookies I've had in ages!

Wonderful Surprise

Received a dozen cookies from a company that we do business with. Each cookie was individually wrapped with a variety of their popular flavors. I shared them with numerous people, some who I would consider cookie snobs. They said the cookies were extremely flavorful and very moist. Everyone was very impressed with the quality and the variety. I will definitely use this organization if I ever need to send a thank you gift or cookies to someone who I just want to brighten their day.

Coffee Milkshake Cookies
Jim Harris
Great Flavor!

We were anxious to try these and they did not disappoint!

Absolutely Perfect!

Unbelievably fresh and arrived perfect.

Best Seller's Mix
Marilyn Hurst
Variety of Cookies

I am disappointed in the taste of the cookies. The lemon are delicious but Publix and Harris Teeter make a better chocolate chip. They don't live up to the hype or cost. The other flavors are ho hum. Sorry, but I am just being honest and thought cookies endorsed by OPRAH would be better.

Cookie Monster Cookies
Katherine Southall

Only 5 cookies were in the box and all of them were broken. The mailing was not packaged correctly I guess.I have asked for a refund.

Never Again

Ordered these as a surprise for my husband after finding an ad for this business through search. These arrived in horrible shape; melted, crushed and rock hard. The lemon cookies were especially mangled. Not what I was expecting. These may be fine when served fresh within this store's physical retail store, but these did not ship well or gift well. Really disappointed and will not be ordering from this business again.


I’ve ordered twice from them and am about to order for a third time. All the flavors are great. I love that they’re individually wrapped. I put them out when I have company for the holidays. Love these cookies!

Lemon Bar - 4 Cookies
Tonia Bachmayer

Anything lemon is my favorite

Almond Joyous - 4 Cookies
Tonia Bachmayer

These are as close u can get to the Candy bar will be ordering again

The most delicious!!

Ordered a mixed dozen consisting of Birthday Cake, Lemon Bars and Salted Caramel as a birthday surprise for my kid at USD. They were delivered on time as promised baked perfectly fresh. Nothing but rave reviews from my kid and friends they were shared with!! The main feedback was "How were those cookies so delicious"!!

Best flavor

Please make this a regular flavor it's my all time fav cookie

Delicious cookies

The cookies are delicious and the ship very fast. Unfortunately, on average the weight of the cookies is much less than the advertised weight of 2 oz. The same happened when I ordered through Amazon. This why I decided to order directly but there was no difference in the size

Sent to a relative and she thoroughly enjoyed!

Half + Half Mix
Barbara Kirchner
Dried out

The ordering is confusing and I accidentally ordered some flavors I never would have. They seem to have been sitting around quite a while because the ones I have tried are dry and stale I have ordered before but I think I'll give up. There are lots of cookie places out there and some of these cookies will be squirrel food

Super Disappointing

I recently placed an order of (7) half dozens as an early birthday present for myself, based on the many glowing reviews and ‘accolades’. When receiving my order, an entire flavor’s half-dozen was missing & many of the cookies were on the over baked side. The Birthday Cake flavor was so well done, the cookies were crumbling & turning to a fine dust in their plastic sleeves. The customer service folks were helpful in getting the missing flavor sent over & upon hearing my feelings on the Birthday Cake flavor, they were kind enough to also include a fresh set of those as well. Unfortunately, once receiving that corrected order, I was still so disappointed. The Birthday Cake cookies were the reason I placed the order in the first place & even the second batch was massively over baked. Crispy cookies are fine, but that isn’t what the cookies look like in photos, nor is it mentioned anywhere in the description. Additionally, the missing flavor had bacon bits in that were so hard, my teeth hurt chewing them. I’ve ended up tossing all the cookies, which is odd for someone who loves desserts as much as I do. Ultimately, this bakery just isn’t for me & I’m seriously regretting investing so much in them rather than trying a sampler to test them first. The second star in the rating is strictly for the ease of the customer service process to get my order corrected.

Banana Split - 4 Cookies
Martha Chiplock

Good blend of flavors; authentic tasting; thicker, softer; on sweeter side but not too sweet.

Almond Joyous - 4 Cookies
Martha Chiplock
Best of the Batch

I ordered an assortment of cookies for my brother. He liked them all, but proclaimed the Almond Joyous to be the best.

Delicious cookie with a twist

These cookies are not the usual (chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.), but quite tasty with hints of rosemary, lemon zest, and yes, cracked pepper, which adds a little spice. Soft and moist, thanks to the olive oil. I would recommend trying these at least once (maybe twice!)