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Candy Corn Bark Cookies

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Number of Cookies: Half Dozen

Orders over one dozen are condensed into a single box. Want to purchase additional boxes? Email us at info@thecravory.com.

Customer Reviews

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Sylvia Ojeh
Perfect for all of the candy corn lovers!

These hit the spot, as I love, love , LOVE candy corn. The texture was great too, soft and chewy in the middle and just a little crispy around the edges.

The Shankadelic
Love the Candy Corn Cookies

I love Candy Corn and I love these cookies - they are nice and chewy and did not disappoint. I only wish you didn't deliver with Fed Ex - they stink in my area.

Take a Chance on the Candy Corns!!

I must admit I was skeptical. I'm not a candy corn lover per say, but I LOVE cookies!!! 110% worth the risk! This was just a SUPER FUN (and amazingly tasty) cookie! The texture with the candy corn pieces & marshmallows was chewy but not gummy and I must admit I ate both of the cookies in our subscription box and didn't share. Sorry babe! Thankfully, my husband doesn't read the reviews. LOL