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Mango Con Chili Cookies

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Number of Cookies: Half Dozen

Orders over one dozen are condensed into a single box. Want to purchase additional boxes? Email us at info@thecravory.com.

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Craytor
Nice Mango Flavor

A nice fruity flavor, with just a touch of heat. These seemed to harden/dry out more quickly than the other May flavors.

Michelle B
Oddly delicious

I wasnt sure about this one, but it was surprisingly good. The spicy comes after, its sweet and mango while you eat it, and then the spicy slows creeps. Nice balance of flavor. Wouldnt recommend for young kids, but its a hit with the spice loving adults.

Brenda Wilkinson

Mango Con Chile Cookies

The Shankadelic
Good Cookie

Overall satisfied with the cookie - personally I would like to have had more "HEAT" in the cookie but then again most folks wouldn't like the amount of heat that I love so all-in-all a very good cookie - plenty of mango and they were also nice to look at - not that I spent much time admiring the look of the cookie :)