5 Reasons To Get A Cookie Table At Your Wedding

Wedding Cookie Table - Cravory Signature Cookies Displayed on Wedding Table
Ditch the cake and say ‘I do!’ to a wedding cookie table!

Looking for cool wedding snack station ideas to keep the fun going all night long? We’ve got you covered with the best cookie table wedding ideas!

After a busy day of dancing, laughing, and taking photos, a cookie table at your wedding is the perfect way to keep the sweetness flowing.

Read on to discover why you absolutely need to say ‘I do!’ to a wedding cookie table.

Treat Yo’Self

Nothing says ‘treat yo’self’ better than a table full of treats! And at a celebration as momentous as your wedding, you deserve the very best.

Our handcrafted and uniquely flavored cookies are mouth-wateringly good. We offer all your favorite flavors, plus your guests will love exciting new flavors too. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there are also vegan and gluten-free options. With our cookie collection, there’s truly something for everyone.

Here are some tasty flavors you can expect:

Birthday Cake: With no shortage of sprinkles and creamy white chocolate chips, these birthday cake cookies bring the fun to every occasion. If you come back for seconds or thirds, we promise not to judge you. 

Ultimate Chocolate Chip: Go back to the basics with these classic chocolate chip cookies that are anything but ordinary. Made with three types of chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt crystals, these are considered the ultimate chocolate chip cookies for a reason.

Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake: Get ready for a gourmet explosion of flavor in your mouth. Made with malted milk, hand-chopped malt balls, crushed Oreos and Guittard white chocolate chips, we wouldn’t be surprised if this became everybody’s favorite. 

Red Velvet: If red is the color of love, then these red velvet beauties definitely deserve a place at your wedding cookie table. Filled with creamy Guittard white and Cravory cream cheese truffles, it’s hard not to fall in love with them! 

Chocolate Truffle: Let your taste buds bask in the culinary delight that is our chocolate truffle cookie. Smooth, creamy, and oh so lush – what more could you ask for? 

Rosemary Balsamic: Made with rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and a dose of balsamic vinegar reduction, these rosemary cookies win for most sophisticated seasoning. Foodies around the table will rejoice.

Taro: Your taste buds will love this unique blend of flavors that tastes a little bit like vanilla, a little floral, and a little nutty. Forget about love at first sight when you can have love at first bite!

Pancakes and Bacon: Who says breakfast is only for the morning? Made with hand-chopped maple smoked bacon in a pancake dough, we wouldn’t mind enjoying these delicious cookies for every meal.

Perfect for Every Budget

There’s no denying that weddings can be expensive occasions – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on a delicious snack station. A cookie table at your wedding is a cost-effective alternative to elaborate or expensive appetizers and wedding favors.

If you’re still wondering whether a cookie table at your wedding is the right choice for you, we invite you to check out our wedding sampler box. This is a great way to sample some of our flavors and see for yourself just how irresistible our tasty treats are!

Another Sprinkle of Customization

Does your wedding have a super cool theme or color aesthetic? No problem! We’re proud to offer the very best of wedding cookie favors and customizations. That means we’ll work with your wedding colors and theme to coordinate everything to your liking. From colored ribbons to personalized name and date tags, we can do it all.

If it wasn’t for the bride, your wedding cookie table would definitely steal the show!

No Rumbling Stomachs

Let’s be real: the last thing you want to hear during your wedding speeches are growling stomachs!

Enter: wedding cookie table.

A cookie table at your wedding is sure to keep your guests happy and their hunger satiated. Trust us, your guests will love sampling all the different flavors of these delicious, nostalgic treats reminiscent of their childhood.

Because who doesn’t love cookies?!

At the end of the day, a wedding cookie table will satisfy the sweet tooth of all your guests from youngest to oldest and everyone in between (and yes, that includes your second cousin twice removed and your great-aunt Fanny). Don’t be surprised if your wedding cookie table is the place to be!

Get in Touch

Hungry yet? We don't blame you! If you’re interested in having a cookie table at your wedding, you can order your very own Wedding Sampler Box here or contact us for more information and pricing here. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and make your big day as special (and tasty!) as possible.

For any wedding specific questions, please email collin@thecravory.com.

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