Sweet Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Cookies
Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and many people aren't quite sure what to get their significant other as a gift. The pressure is on to find something suitably romantic that won't come off as overbearing. In 2013, the chocolate chip cookie, created by innkeeper Ruth Wakefield, celebrated its 75th birthday. Over 2 billion cookies are consumed annually by Americans alone. That's 300 cookies per person! With such an impressive track record, the gift of cookies is sure to be appreciated. Cookie gift baskets are available for all occasions, in a variety of flavors and decoration options. Cookie delivery companies can bring gourmet cookie baskets right to your loved one's door. If you want to be the one to give the cookies to that special someone, you can have the cookie gift baskets delivered to your home or simply pick them up from the bakery. Online ordering makes cookie purchasing easy, with no tell-tale phone conversation for the recipient to overhear. If you aren't sure how gourmet cookies will be received, you can always make cookies at home. There is nothing quite as delicious as a homemade cookie, especially when it comes from someone you love. If you don't have any cookie recipes at home, look online! There are hundreds of cookie recipes available, from cinnamon-sugar coated snickerdoodles to jam thumbprint cookies. When making your cookies, be sure to use fresh ingredients, and watch the oven closely. If your cookies are coming out burnt, lower the oven temperature and leave them in longer. This will help them cook thoroughly without burning. Whether you order cookies online for delivery or make them from scratch, your significant other is sure to enjoy the tasty treat. You may think the best thing about giving cookies for Valentine's Day is getting to eat the delicious cookies, but that's not quite true. The best part of giving cookie gift baskets is all the opportunities to make puns like "You're so sweet."
Re-Imagining the Traditional Cookie