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    The Cravory - The Ultimate Cookie Experience!

    An Exciting New Mix!

    At Cravory Cookies our menu is constantly changing and evolving, most notably with our cookies of the month. Every single month we introduce six brand new cookies, which are available for that specific month only. These limited edition cookies play into the flavors of the season, as well listen to requests we receive from our loyal Cravors! The best part of the Cookie of the Month program is the ability to continuously try new and exciting flavors throughout the year. Your tastebuds are always guessing and exploring!
    The one request we have continuously received, is the need for a mix which includes both the new Cookies of the Month AND our Best Sellers! What a genius idea, right? Why wouldn’t our fans want to experience new cookies while also receiving the comfort of our six Best Sellers! This is exactly why we have finally added the Half + Half Mix to our flavor menu -- a one dozen mix that combines both delicious familiarity and flavorful surprises.
    Our Best Sellers include Ultimate Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Lemon Bar, Almond Joyous, Salted Caramel Cream and Birthday Cake. While our Cookies of the Month are constantly changing, the current August flavors are Lime Matcha, Cookies ‘n Coffee, Apple Coconut, Cannoli, Spicy Mexican Chocolate and Orange Cran. With such a diverse variety, the mix is sure to please everyone!
    Do yourself (and your tummy!) a favor and give this exciting new Cravory Cookies Mix a try.

    Cookie Spotlight: Lime Matcha

    Matcha, a variation of green tea has been leaving its mark all over pop culture the past few years. While some may claim it to be a “trend,” we have a feeling this powdered tea will be around for a while, so why not explore with different variations of matcha cookies?! Our first take on matcha made an appearance last fall, but his time we decided to add a citrus component to the earthy tea flavor. This cookie begins with our new lime dough, which brings the perfect combination of citrus and sweetness. Its soft center and crispy edges are the perfect base for the next round of ingredients: MATCHA!
    As you know by now, if we can make the ingredient in-house, we will. This month blended white chocolate and matcha powder to create a one-of-a-kind match white chocolate truffle. The truffles are chopped up and mixed into the lime dough bringing a wonderful burst of matcha and sweet white chocolate. After the truffles, we mix in natural lime zest and lime juice. The final step, is a matcha sugar glaze, both beautiful in color and explosive in flavor!
    The pop of these different, yet complimentary flavors will have your tastebuds on a culinary rollercoaster during every bite! Join the matcha craze with Cravory Cookies’ Lime Matcha cookie and we guarantee you will be reaching for another.

    Cookie Spotlight: Peaches 'n Toffee

    Not only is summer wonderful for the warm weather, long days and plentiful sunshine, but the we love the fruit the most! It is sweet, fresh and such an amazing ingredient to inspire some delicious summer cookies. This July we decided to utilize the fresh summer fruits as much as possible; we played around with oranges, strawberries and peaches and none of them disappointed! Our Peaches ‘n Toffee cookie is a perfect blend of bold flavors and the perfect amount of sweetness.
    To begin, we used our tried and true almond dough. This dough has a great almond flavor, while maintaining the soft and chewy texture Cravory Cookies are known for. This almond flavor is the perfect base for the sweet and juicy taste of peach and the sweetness of the toffee. The first thing we add to the almond dough is Jackie’s Jams Peach Cobbler Jam. This jam is the real deal, using fresh peaches and adding in spices such as cloves, cinnamon and allspice. This scrumptious jam is another great example of why we love to work with this local San Diego company!
    After the jam is successfully mixed in, we throw in freshly sauteed peaches. The pieces of peach have been sauteed over low heat with the perfect amount of cinnamon. To compliment the cinnamon, the mix-in final ingredient is pieces of Heath Bar toffee. With the right amount of crunch, the Heath Bar adds the perfect texture as a mix-in, as well as a topping! This cookie will have you reaching for another and is sure to satisfy your summer cravings.
    Use promo code: SHIPJULY for free shipping on ALL July flavors

    Comic-Con Cookies!

    With non-stop traffic, hotels completely wrapped in movie advertisements and thousands of people casually dressed in the costume of their favorite superhero or movie character, it’s hard to ignore Comic-Con when it comes to town every July. This star-studded and extremely well attended convention invades San Diego every summer and as locals, we can’t get enough of it! We love to see the excitement radiating through the downtown streets, as well as the opportunity to make some super(hero) cookie creations.
    In the past we have always gone above and beyond with our Comic-Con themed cookies and it was no different this time around! Our talented chefs created 12 (!) different styled cookies from Superman to Beauty and the Beast.
    Not only was it important for the Comic-Con cookies to look perfect, we also wanted their flavors to match the theme of the decorations. Our pink donut Simpsons cookie was an IPA beer cookie, to match Homer’s love of the malty beverage! Our Beauty and the Beast cookie was a romantic and rose colored Red Velvet dough and dark, mysterious Batman was a chocolate truffle cookie filled with even more chocolate in the form of dark and milk chocolate chunks.
    On Friday morning co-owner, Adam Koven, met the San Diego Fox 5 news team at The Hard Rock Hotel for a Comic-Con cookie segment! With the news team all dressed up and our cookies out on display, they were all ready for a good time. Adam discussed our Comic-Con cookies and even let the news hosts try their hand at decorating the Simpsons and Minion cookies! 
    We sure do love a great theme to run with when it comes to creating specialty cookies and Comic-Con is one of our favorites! Wonder what cookies we’ll be seeing next July….

    Cookie Spotlight: Strawberry Basil

    Is it really summer if you haven’t indulged in a bowl of fresh, juicy strawberries? Well, we don’t think so, but if you are not into that, here’s another idea for you: Strawberry Basil cookie! Yes, we went there and created a foodie’s dream cookie. It is the perfect blend of sweet and savory and your tastebuds will be thanking you after the first bite!
    We created a strawberry dough specially for this culinary creation. It has the perfect amount of sweet, fresh strawberry flavor and it’s naturally pink color makes it that much more fun to eat!  While Cravory Cookies is no stranger to creating our cookie mix-ins in house, we brought it to the next level with the basil white chocolate truffles we invented just for this cookie. We grind fresh basil in a food processor to alter the texture while maintaining the basil flavor. We then take half of the ground basil and create a reduction over heat. This reduction is then added to the white chocolate and formed into truffles. Once the basil truffles are set, we chop them up into small pieces and add them to the strawberry dough.
    After our homemade basil truffles are mixed in, we then add fresh strawberry basil jam made by local jam company, Jackie’s Jams. The jam adds in a fresh sweetness and intensifies the strawberry and basil flavors. The final touch is rolling the dough in basil sugar and baking to a perfect soft center and crispy edge. The basil sugar adds a wonderful crunch to every bite and pulls all of the flavors together.
    Whether you are a foodie or not, we know you will appreciate the bold flavors within this delicious cookie! Strawberry Basil is here for the month of July only, so make sure you order yours while you can (and don’t forget, we now offer all of our flavors in a half dozen!) Click here to purchase THE cookie of the summer!