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    The Cravory - The Ultimate Cookie Experience!

    A Tropical Event To Remember

    When Cravory Cookies originated 8 years ago, there was a simple idea in mind: create exciting, delicious and daring flavors for cookie fans all over the country. While we felt confident in the markets and divisions that had sprouted from our initial idea, a new division has truly blossomed in only the past 2 years: Cravory Cookies Weddings. As more and more couples decide to stray away from the traditional dessert of wedding cake, we have seen our wedding department grow from a wedding here and there, to weddings every single weekend!
    Not only are we able to work with wonderful wedding clients, we have also been able to experience and make connections within the wedding world. In late June, we were one of the lucky vendors able to showcase our cookies at the San Diego Style Weddings Mix. Mingle. Schmooze. event at Bali Hai in San Diego.
    Bali Hai, a polynesian restaurant located on Shelter Island has a breathtaking view of downtown San Diego, delicious food and a mai tai that will knock your socks off! It is a sought after venue for weddings and events of all kinds.
    We loved creating a cookie bar using our rentable plates, platters and cake stands on the exposed wood table that fit perfectly with the Hawaiian vibe to the event. The lush tropical flowers looked perfect next to the colorful June flavors displayed on the table. We chose mini cookies for this event, which tends to encourage guests to try more than just one flavor of cookie.
    SDSW hand selected vendors to wow the industry’s leading wedding pros; from mocktails in branded coconuts to true Italian gelato, our Sales Director, Collin, and Marketing Director, Andrea, loved being able to share our product while simultaneously experiencing others.
    Collin, the ultimate cookie monster, even created a delicious mini cookie sandwich using Churro ‘n Chocolate mini Cravory Cookies with Stracciatella gelato from Gelato Paradiso!
    We cannot thank San Diego Style Weddings enough for including us among these amazing vendors and allowing us to break even further into the wedding industry!
    If you would like to learn more about Cravory Cookies Weddings, please inquire here.
    A special thank you to Johanna at Studio Freyja for these wonderful photos!
    Event Vendors:

    How Do Cravory Subscriptions Work?


    In the era of subscription boxes, it is hard to know exactly which one to choose. From razors to dog treats, it seems as though pretty much everything is available by subscription, and things are no different here at Cravory Cookies -- for years we have led the cookie subscription market. Every month, our chefs create 6 brand new innovative recipes using only the finest ingredients and always willing to push the flavor boundaries while maintaining the Cravory Cookies taste our fans are accustom to. When is comes to a cookie subscription it can be a tad confusing know exactly what is the right option for you, which is why we are here to help!

    Ongoing vs. Prepaid

    If you do not want to put a limit on your cookie subscription, the ongoing option is perfect for you! You pay for your subscription monthly, rather than paying the full cost upfront and you have the option to cancel at anytime.

    On the flipside, our prepaid options are available for 3, 6 or 12 month options. You pay the full price of the subscription at the time of your order, but you never have to worry about it again; your only concern will be wondering which flavors will show up at your doorstep the next month!

    How many cookies should I purchase?

    Both ongoing and prepaid options are available in a half dozen, one dozen or two dozen. The half dozen will arrive in a Cravory branded USPS flat rate box, while the one dozen and two dozens will come packaged in our special Cravory Cookies gift boxes. All two dozen options have *FREE SHIPPING*

    Who are subscriptions for?

    Cravory Cookies Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving! Whether it is for your mom’s birthday, a corporate gift to schmooze that account you have been working towards or if you are simply treating yourself to a monthly treat, these subscriptions are perfect for any scenario!

    How do I get started?

    Click here to order your subscription today!


    Cravory Cookies Subscription


    Should you need any guidance in your decision, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team: info@thecravory.com or 800-591-2571.

    Cookie Spotlight: Blueberry Lemonade

    It is officially summertime, which means sunshine, BBQs and fun! On the flipside, summertime also means heat, humidity and holing up near the air conditioner. When the temperatures are rising, it is natural to crave something light, which is why Cravory Cookies refreshing Blueberry Lemonade cookie is the perfect summer treat!

     Our lemonade dough acts as the perfect base for this summertime speciality. Without screaming “LEMON!” it offers a subtle fresh flavor that will bring you back to the time of lemonade stands. Using fresh lemon zest, it is perfectly sweet and just a tad sour and will have you hooked with your first bite.

     The next step comes with the mix-ins. You are sure to get a blueberry in almost every bite and even if you don’t, our homemade blueberry puree that we mix in will guarantee you get that blueberry flavor. The final mix-in of vanilla a’peels compliments the fruitiness of this cookie with just the right amount of sweetness only vanilla can add. The finishing touch of our fresh homemade blueberry glaze is perfect topping to this delightful creation! Not only does it add a fruity sweetness, but the texture of the glaze brings this cookie to the next level.

    If you are ready to ring in summer the perfect (and most delicious) way, click here to start shopping…..and because we love you so much, we want to give you 25% off the Blueberry Lemonade cookies!


    (promo code valid through 6/30)

    Cookie Spotlight: Peanut Butter Rocky Road

    When we learned National Rocky Road Day was occurring on June 2nd, we knew it was time to create the ultimate rocky road cookie. After much brainstorming and mulling over the unlimited options out there, we decided it was time to bring peanut butter into the mix and that we did. 
    While it would have been easy to simply borrow the dough from our Peanut Butter Overload cookie, we went one step further and created a brand new chocolate peanut butter dough. This dough has the perfect blend of these two fan favorite flavors, which is the base for this monstrosity of a cookie! 
    Here at Cravory Cookies, we love to push the limits and hardly ever take the simple route, and it was no different when it came to figuring out which mix-ins to add to the chocolate peanut butter dough. When you bite into the Peanut Butter Rocky Road, you will discover peanut butter chips, marshmallows, peanuts and semisweet chocolate chips. As if that weren't the ultimate rocky road already, the cookie is topped off with a delicious marshmallow crunch and dark chocolate drizzle! 
    If you love the chocolate, peanut and marshmallow combination of rocky road, as well as the timeless love story of peanut butter and chocolate, this Peanut Butter Rocky Road cookie is your dream come true! Peanut Butter Rocky Road cookies are now available in half dozen or dozen -- click here to start shopping now!

    A Cookie + Ice Cream Match

    On September 1st, 2016, we opened the doors to our brand new cookie shop in Bressi Ranch, an amazing community within Carlsbad, CA. This location not only serves delicious Cravory Cookies, but there is a full service espresso bar brewing local San Diego James’ Coffee. As if a new shop, new neighborhood and coffee wasn’t enough, we decided to take it one step further with...ICE CREAM.

    When the idea of adding ice cream first came about, it was extremely important to us that we serve ice cream that is up to the same quality as we hold our cookies to. This process served to be tedious, yet necessary (and yummy!) and we embarked upon the adventure of choosing an ice cream supplier. After sampling over 25 different brands of ice cream, we very excitingly began our partnership with Lappert’s Ice Cream.

    Lappert’s began in 1983 when Walter Lappert decided he wanted to make and sell his own ice cream in Kauai, Hawaii. Walter moved to Hawaii with his family and began creating ice cream in Hanapepe Kauai. Since then, Walter’s son, Michael, has maintained the Lappert quality here in the continental US, yet the two companies run separately. You can still taste the Hawaiian flavor in many of the available flavors; from coconut to  The Lappert’s ice cream found at Cravory Cookies, is produced not too far away in Richmond, California. It just seemed perfectly right to partner up with a wonderful company, who comes from humble beginnings, just like us.

    Once we selected the ice cream supplier, the dream of including ice cream into our repertoire began to feel like a reality! Our next step: menu creation. Our cookie chefs assisted in the creation of the menu and made sure to pair the cookies and ice cream perfectly. A few of the sundaes offered include:

    The Junkie

    Cookie: Chocolate Truffle

    Ice Cream: Vanilla Bean

    Toppings: Chocolate Sprinkles + Cocoa Krispies + M&M’s + Chocolate Drizzle


    Cookie: Taro

    Ice Cream: Coconut

    Toppings: Toasted Coconut + Boba + White Chooclate Drizzle

    A warm cookie with delicious ice cream and exciting toppings make Cravory Cookies Sundaes the ultimate treat!